Free Sundown Naturals Adult Gummies

Free Adult Gummies

This freebie from March 2014 has returned!

Oh come on. Don’t call these Sundown Naturals free “adult” gummies if all they have in them are stupid vitamins and nutrients. Kids can have those! If I’m paying good money for gummies with adult in the title, then they need to have at least 10% alcohol.


    jello shots with vitamins?

  • Maria

    LOL I would totally buy alcoholic vitamins.

  • lorraine

    My mailbox gets to one hundred degrees, so when I order gummies I get gross liquefied gelatinous matter. If only I could get free steak and eggs and walk out to the mailbox and find a fully cooked brunch.

  • Another great sample! Thanks.

  • Canessa Hicks


  • Athena

    This offer is no longer available