Free Always Discreet Pad

Free Always Discreet Pads

I almost missed it. I came this close to hitting Publish before casually glancing once last time at the free Always Discreet pads page. That’s when it jumped out at me. I have no Earthly idea what I’ll find on the other side let alone why it exists, but it’s an absolute certainty that I’ll call the toll-free “NEED LIVE HELP?!” number on their site. I need live help explaining why they provide live help!

At least the freebie isn’t flamboyant.

  • Brandi Young

    ah ha ha!!! so funny. (my 12 year old self speaks…) I dare you to contact them and ask . 😉

  • Kate

    I’m past the age of needing pads, but I still order the free samples. They stick right on my swiffer thing and really are good at soaking up spills and for polishing wood floors!

  • Leslie

    Thanks! This is a great one!

  • Brenda

    Goob, I dare you to call the free help and ask where the sticky part goes. Panties or skin?