Free $5 Credit

Free $5 Credit

Amazon is just full of crazy offers right now. First it was doling out $10 for basically giving your friends free Amazon Prime accounts and now it’s a free $5 Amazon gift card in exchange for sending your friends a birthday gift on Facebook, which costs as little as $1.

Here’s how it works. ((Here’s the full list of terms and conditions too.))

  • Head over to Amazon and connect your Facebook account.
  • Search for a friend with a birthday before September 22 and send them a $1 Amazon gift.
  • Pay for the gift.
  • Your $5 credit will be applied to your account between Sept. 22-27.

It’s worth noting the credit will expire on Sept. 30, so you don’t have much time to spend it. For me the tricky part here was finding a friend with a birthday before Sept. 22. I ended up using my dummy Facebook account, but I’m sure you’re more popular than me and have more friends to choose from.

[thanks Freebie Finding Mom!]

  • Piquebu

    Then your friends ask why you were so cheap as to send them a measly $1 gift card. :P

  • Alaina Brooks

    Thanks for this!

  • lisa

    HAHA yeh, you are right Piquebu.
    “Gee, thanks a lot for the gigantic $1 gift card my friend. I’ll try not to spend it all too quickly.” haha.

  • Beth

    September 22? Not fair. I want to be showered with $1 gifts too! I think this is Libra discrimination! Oh wait. I don’t have any facebook friends anyway. Feel free to just send me dollars.

  • WarnerRobins

    I like this offer because I just shared it with mutual friends of the birthday person to grown their gift. That way all the gifters (if first time) will receive the $5 credit and the birthday person will receive more than $1. Thanks for the info.

  • Nadja Dee Witherbee

    I have a birthday on September 7th. Nadja Witherbee So…I wouldn’t mind being your guinea pig! Plus this is my 50th…it’s a big birthday.

  • mimom

    Happy Birthday Nadja!