Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

What’s with the free $2 credits today? First CVS and now a free $2 Amazon mp3 credit. All you need to do click the yellow button and enter code FALLMP3S. After half a dozen failed attempts, I had to end up copy & pasting the code. I can recall the starting lineup for every Seattle Mariners team over the past 20 years, but I guess my little peabrain can’t correctly remember a string of eight characters.

  • Brooke Lynn

    Awesome…thanks goob =)

  • Casey

    Woohoo, I was just thinking I needed some new music! :)

  • Denisha

    i cant get the code to work it says invalid

  • AJB

    Does anyone know if the credit has to be used by a certain date (does it expire)?

  • mak

    after you get a song, where does it go? like how can you get to it? and how can i get it to itunes???

  • rc

    Where do you go after you are in your Amazon account to get this credit? Do you have to buy?

  • eilee

    When you get to your Amazon acct. there is a box there that asks if you want to go to place you were before. If you clicked on Goob’s site first that is. I have found that they don’t expire. I get credits all the time to add to a gift card and they don’t expire.

  • Jade

    gOT IT

  • Becky

    I have the same question as rc… after I log into Amazon.. how do I go about applying this credit to my account? I tried apply gift card to account and that did not work. Thanks.

  • Michelle

    I can’t get the code to work. Anyone else having an issue?

  • Shari


  • Gregg

    Thank you.

  • Bethany

    To add the credits to your account, do this: Log-in to your Amazon account and leave that window open. Then open HIF in a new tab, and click the Amazon MP3 link. A new tab will open with Amazon (with you already logged in), which will allow you to type in the code. You can close the original Amazon window, and just use the new one that opened.

    The codes worked for me twice (I used my husband’s account, too..heehee). If you’re using a Mac, make sure you have the Amazon Downloader application open, otherwise your songs won’t download, and it will take your free credits anyway. I learned that the hard way the last time they offered free credits. :(

    Thanks again, Goob! Hope you’re feeling good!

  • Lila2004

    Thanks, Bethany! Your instructions worked perfectly! Am I correct in assuming that this credit won’t ever expire?

  • rc

    Thanks, Bethary, I got my free credits. I believe they do not expire, you just keep accumulating them. I still have my precious ones that I have not used yet.

  • Gillianne

    Thx so much?

  • KFM

    Awesome. I always mean to save them and build them up, but then I end up getting some huge album worth a dollar or two.

  • Professor

    Thanks! Amazon credit is the best!

  • They definitely do expire. Mine disappeared already.

  • Kristin

    Mine are gone too. At first I thought I hadn’t entered the code, but now when I try to, it says the code is invalid. :(

  • T

    I entered the code, got the confirmation notice that it worked, but my balance is still $0. Not I keep getting the “There’s something wrong with the claim code you entered. Please try again” message.

  • Melanie

    Same thing happened to me…

  • Reese

    I entered the code and it said I had the $2, when I went to use it today it was not available.

  • thea

    Tried several times and it came up ..invalid code !

  • S.

    I did the same thing, had the $2 when I entered the code and yesterday I went and got some music and was charged full price.

  • Amanda

    FFFFFFF. I finally saved up to get the album I was going to buy and it’s expired. Why am I so broke?!

  • King_Keith

    where do you go to enter the code

  • freegiveawayc

    here is another $2.00 MP3 Credit but first person that uses gets its CG4M-FNC5Q4-TXP2C2