Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

Free Amazon mp3 Credit

It’s not every day you find a freebie that enables your friends to laugh at your questionable taste in music. At least that’s what I assume the people pictured above are doing. Because in order to get this free Amazon $2 mp3 credit, you have to share a song you like on Facebook. Simply copy the link to a song on Amazon, paste it in the box, hit the share button, and the credit is yours.

Of course, you can immediately delete the shared link on Facebook after you get the credit.

[thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

  • Jenny Keeney Wimmer

    Nn.n….n no

  • Jenny Keeney Wimmer


  • Denise Worzalla-Rocha

    got mine! love the cloud drive it saves space on my smart phone but still lets me play music.

  • Eric

    Screw facebook!

  • Monica_Dziarmag

    How do I use my credit?

  • JaciLapointe

    Yay! I was hunting for a free credit for them, I have $3 left on a gift card and the CD I wanted was $4! Hooray!