Free Amazon Prime Membership for College Students

Free Amazon Prime Membership

I don’t subscribe to many membership clubs. Amazon Prime is the rare exception. I pay every year and actually enjoy doing so. That’s how much I love Prime! But did you know that college students or anybody with an .edu email gets free Amazon Prime 2-day shipping perks?! (as Hiffer Ryan pointed out, .edu accounts don’t get access to the free streaming options.)

The main draw of Prime is the free two-day shipping on millions of products from Amazon (laughing at the oversized boxes is a nice bonus!) But the shipping perk is quickly taking a backseat to the ever increasing trove of free streaming TV show, movies, and Kindle book rentals.

Free Student Amazon Prime

So how do you sign up? Easy.

  1. Click this free Amazon Prime membership link.
  2. Sign up.

See? Told you it was easy.

Finally, if you’re not a student but still on the fence, Amazon is running a promotion where new members get a $10 Amazon gift card. That cuts the overall price down to $69 basically.

  • Lorraine

    You must have a .edu email address. I am a nursing student who doesn’t get an email as such through my school, which is at located in a vocational school. Thumbs down to Amazon!

  • Kelli

    This is great Goob! I just sent the link to my son who is a law student. You have no idea how much this will help him………..well, really us! Thanks!

  • Wow great deal! Thanks for posting, so glad I found out about this! Definitely going to be helpful for me, always ordering stuff for school =)

  • Chelsea

    My mom has bought Amazon Prime is it is really cool! I’m so glad I’ll get it for free when I go to a university in January [I’m at a community college right now, so I’m living at home]! But I signed up for it now, just in case the offer doesn’t last that long.

  • Jean

    The student who registers can add family members on for free too :)

  • Kelly

    You need a .edu email. My daughter goes to a state college in Cali and they don’t give the students accounts.

  • Nunya

    GOOOOOB. This is awesome. I had to order a book for my summer class and it took almost 2 weeks to get here….. This will help exponentially!

    You’re my hero :)

  • Holly

    AWESOME freebie!! I order from Amazon all the time (use free gift cards from Swagbucks) and either have to spend more or wait weeks to get stuff. I just so happen to be starting school in the fall, so this is perfect!!

  • Adrianna

    Noticed my old community college on the list. So, if you get a .edu email address even for a community college, you should be able to get it. I never got one from my cc though.

    @ Kelly: As for state colleges in CA, they should all give their students email addresses. It usually happens with the online registration or after saying that you’ll attend the college. It’s usually some form of their first and last name. If she’s able to, have her log onto her account at the State college website (with her Student ID). If she has a .edu email it should be in her information.

  • twilight120

    Thank you so much for posting this. I will definitely pass on to my family and friends who are still in school…and there’s quite a few of us.

  • Aimee

    Thanks so much Goob! I attend graduate school, but I’ve been ordering text books off Amazon for a couple of years now, and always hate how long they take to come to my house. This is awesome!

  • Dan

    I knew taking a year off in between HS and college to work was a bad idea! Hopefully they’ll still offer this next year. XD

  • Jessica

    This will help me out so much!! Thanks!!!

  • Nice!! I just started as a student at Full Sail so this is awesome.

  • Helen Ellman

    Just watch for an automatical renewel next year which isn’t free. My daughter did the free trial last year and I was hit with a charge last month on my credit card as her free trial ended. It was extremely easy to cancel and they did credit my cc but just a word of caution on this one.

  • Lisa

    I read the form on the first page and didn’t sign up for it because it said the first month was free and then after that you half to pay 79.95 for the year.

  • Lisa

    Lol nevermind. I clicked on the link that said not a student. lol

  • this is great! thank you so much!

  • LOVE this freebie! Thank you!

  • Christine G

    Wowzers, thank you so much!! I tried the trial of Prime and loved it but couldn’t bring myself to spend $80 for one year. This will be great for buying textbooks in a few weeks!

  • Leah

    This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

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  • kim

    a friend sent me a link to this post but there is no link to “free Amazon Prime membership” Would love to pass it on to my son who is heading off to college. Any suggestions?

  • Ryan

    It looks like a .edu email address will get you access to “Amazon Student”, which has Prime’s free shipping, but not the streaming content.

  • Ahhh, good to know. Sorry about that, I’ll update the post. Would have tested it myself, but I haven’t been in college for a while :D

  • Fenris McGill

    if it doesn’t work, Student Amazon Prime has the first 6 months free, then it’s only $39.99 for the first 4 years. After that it renews at the $79.99/yr rate, and you can cancel at any time.

  • Kelldivision

    Has anyone else received an 85 dollar deposit from Amazon Prime? I signed up yesterday and money deposited today.

  • Wait, they GAVE you $85?


    I’m doing that too. I know its 3 years since you posted but still. Your post made me smile. I thought I was the only one who did that. :)


    Maybe you’ll still see it.

  • Kelldivision

    Yes! I signed up on the 5th and received a deposit of 85.12 on the 6th from Amazon Prime. I’m wondering if something went wrong? I need to shoot them an email. But hey, I’ll take it!

  • Ashley

    Im worried that if I sign up, with my card for the free 6 month trial that they will start charging me after 6 months.

  • GoodGirl

    Did they take it back or you still have it?!

  • If you don’t cancel before the 6 month trial is up, of course you will get charged. That’s to be expected – paying for the service if you want to continue using it, after trying it out for free. I set myself a calendar reminder to email me 2 days before the trial is up, so that I can opt out if I choose to. I tried Amazon Prime years ago, opted out in time, and was not charged.

  • They give referral fees to students who share the amazon prime deal. perhaps you posted it somewhere like twitter or facebook and a bunch of friends signed up?

  • bianca

    If you cancel the student amazon prime membership before the 6 months, do they charge you to cancel it?

  • Jessica

    So i want to cancel it now before the trail period expires but it says i’m not a amazon student even though i provided an .edu email and used free 2day shipping. how do i cancel it?

  • Nope!

  • funfash

    Wow awesome freebie! Amazon Prime has fast shipping, and free video too. :)

  • Arthika

    I have a student prime, but they charge twice less of a regular price for that. How do you guys are able to get it for free?

  • Lies, it’s not free, it’s half off, and you have to send a ton of paperwork in to prove you are a student. Stop lying to everyone.

  • JHouston791

    here is how you can cancel your Amazon Prime http://www.Cancel-help.Com/?s=amazon

  • Paul

    Does amazon prime members gets free of charge shipping to the Philippines?

  • mm

    i used my high school one and it worked

  • melissa

    has anyone actually done the application for the $10 gift card for the $10 that they give you from college

    how does it work?

  • ???

    just going to leave this here…

  • Anna Gee

    I thought that when I signed up for amazon prime student, I would get free 2 day shipping. I ordered something 4 days ago and it hasn’t come in yet. So, I went to track my order and it says that it wont come in for another 7 days!! I am very annoyed by this, like doesn’t having Amazon prime mean that you’ll receive faster shipping? If the answer is no, then I see no point in continuing with Amazon prime.