Free Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

EDIT: IIRC, clicking the link won’t work. For some reason, you have to copy and paste the link directly:

This free Arm & Hammer toothpaste campaign has been running for over a year, which means we should all have brilliant teeth by now. Is dentistry even an employable field anymore? I almost feel bad for putting them out of work, but then again, they seemed to enjoy drilling my teeth a little too much.

[thanks to everybody who reminded me of this.]

  • auntlulu

    Said I was already on file and was not qualified. Thanks anyway though.

  • obsessed cc/ob

    Ditto what auntlulu said.

  • Meme

    Where do you click to connect you to the freebie? Thanks!

  • If you requested the freebie anytime since we first posted it a year ago, you’ll get the “already on file” message.

    However, if you have a second e-mail address… ;)

  • Allie

    Don’t worry about dentistry Goob. There are enough people who don’t floss to keep us in business forever!

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the new link, worked like a charm.

  • KittyBoo

    again, I can’t find on this site where to get their freebie. Thanx for any help.

  • Gloria Walshver

    I could always us more toothpaste.

  • Gloria Walshver

    Could use more toothpaste


    Iwould like an free advance white sample


    thanks,you it’s free