Free Astor & Black Vintage T-Shirt

EDIT: This is no longer available.

This is a legit offer, but I have a feeling Astor & Black is going to freak out when they see how many people request a free vintage t-shirt. They’re a brick and mortar store in Ohio, so chances are they intended this to be a regional offer only.

But hey, let’s all request a shirt before they wise up!

[thanks Deeva!]

  • ashley

    ah, i LOVE shirt freebies!! thanks for posting this :)

  • Amy

    Panic attack ensues for Astor and Black!

  • Debbi

    Got it!

  • Tillman

    Certainly going to try.

  • brandon

    All right, free t-shirt! :D Good Link!

  • Anne

    Got it, awesome :]

  • JoAnne Hulett

    Says its on the way. Yeah!!!

  • Rory

    I’m in!

  • Janice

    Got it! Thanks so much for posting.

  • jabberjaws

    Brick and mortar store? Looks like “custom clothiers” to me :0)

  • Shay

    Yessssssss! Free TShirts are the best!

  • Chelsea

    Yay! Got a free t-shirt for me & signed my boyfriend up too!

    Love the clothes freebies! Thanks!

  • christopher

    got it ….thanks Goob

  • karen

    sent one to my brother, thanks!


    thank you so much! i love these:)

  • Emma

    Anyone know how to request a shirt off an I phone?!

  • I have no qualms about hitting large corporations hard with freebie requests, but I’ll have no part in harming small businesses.

  • barbra

    looks like I got one – let’s see…..thanks!!

  • Jean

    Got it!

  • Kristina W

    I agree with the Nerd ^^^

    I won’t be using this one if it’s going to affect a small business and their profits. I hope they close it down fast.

  • Monica

    Dead deal! They just ran out of shirts :-)

  • debbie

    They just announced on FB that shirts are gone.

  • Terry

    I just did it & it said “Thank you. Tshirts are available on a first come first serve basis” So don’t know if I’m gettting one or not!

  • shannon

    After I clicked LIKE – it just showed me shirts are all gone… :~(

  • Arlana girven

    i would likr a free shirt

  • Alyssa

    :( it had some weird message about how the admin didnt configure something :(

  • Tillman

    If anyone wants a laugh, feel free to look at their posts after it was over.

  • Izzy

    this freebie is dead now!

  • Corrina

    I don’t seem to have good luck with clothing freebies. I never got the Wendy’s shirt or any of the other clothing freebies I’ve signed up for. I’ll give this a shot, but I’m not going to hold my breath. :D

  • Ann

    Yep, all gone

  • jm


  • Haley

    dead dead dead

  • aww missed that :(

  • Lisa

    just went on the fb site t-shirts are all gone

  • Donna

    gone :(

  • Patricia

    All gone…

  • Kate

    ha they don’t know what hit em!

  • Joe

    Crap, and I wanted to look cool like the dude on their fb page.

  • Adrienne

    all gone:(

  • Stacey

    FB page now says: “Just a few hours ago we launched an exciting social media giveaway and it has completely exceeded our expectations! We’ve officially blown through our t-shirt inventory! THANK YOU to everyone who liked Astor & Black on Facebook. We will notify those of you who will receive our free t-shirts by email. For those of you who did not sign up in time, we’re putting an exclusive offer together for you. Keep an eye out for it! As a Facebook fan, you will be the first hear about our new products, services and our site launch coming in the next couple weeks. Thank you once again! We love our fans! If you would like to sign up to receive the offer mentioned above, just complete the following form.”

  • Ellen

    I’m with the Nerd. If you have any friends in small business, you know these type of things can backfire–brings bad publicity. I believe in only requesting things you either already use or have a genuine interest in trying.
    There is a hoarder in our family tree and it is not at all fun to deal with, if any of you people happen to fall into that category and are hitting up free sites just to have the stuff, get help!

  • kimi

    I have a collection of free shampoos, soap etc that I have not used and I donate them to our homeless shelter. Just like the dog and cat food/treats, if I dont use them, I give them to our pet rescue who love to receive freebies! Now the free flask from last year… that is well used in football season. :)

  • krbsmile

    They are all gone. Drats

  • KM

    The Nerd and Ellen are right. Don’t cross that line between thriftiness and greed.

  • Oh it’s gone…. :(

  • dusan


  • how do i get one?