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free audiobook

I’ve posted this offer every summer for the past few years and people seem to enjoy it despite the credit card hurdle, so if this is something you might enjoy, have at it!

Every summer I go to a music festival or two with my friends and family. This year that entailed a 24-hour roundtrip car ride which would have been greatly enhanced with a free audio book download in my opinion. Seems like it would have been the perfect solution to end the 90 minute argument my brothers and I had over which starter Pokemon was the best. It’s a small miracle everybody who departed with us made it back home now that I think about it.

Offer Details

I want to point out you have to use a credit card to sign up. You get the free audiobook with a 30-day trial. You can cancel anytime during those 30 days and you won’t be billed a cent. However, after 30 days, they’ll charge you $14.95 a month. Here are the details on how to cancel your free trial if you choose to do so.

  • But obviously the best starter Pokemon (at least in the original series) was Charmander. Honestly, I’m picking fire no matter what the choices are.

  • Hahaha, I’m more a style man myself! And Squirtle had it DOWN in that department :)

  • nellen

    Also: Download free audio books from your public library! My library (Cincinnati) now has audio books, ebooks (for Kindle, computer and phone) and mp3s. They claim they will have movies soon too.

  • nemo

    I was scarred for life by family vacations in the car. 2,000 mile round trips to visit cousins I did not get along with, to say nothing of maniacal brothers. Saving grace was the women folk were very good cooks and eager to provide meal after homecooked meal. Had Pokemon been around in my childhood, I probably would have had all my decks pilfered or defaced by my evil older brother. It’s heartwarming that you can still get in a car with your family for a trip.
    I agree with nellen, go to the library. No credit cards.