Free Axe Body Spray

I’ve always thought this free Axe Body spray from Sam’s Club had a weird name. If I was making a list of items I would not want sprayed on my body, axes would be right up there with piranhas and fire.

A nine digit membership ID is required, so…yeah.

  • butterfly_net

    Goob—I appreciate you telling us about these offers from Sam’s Club. I have a membership and am (supposedly) part of the ‘Insider’s Club’, and I NEVER hear of these until I come here.

    In the words of C&C Music Factory: “Things that make you go hmm!”

  • Ben D.

    If there are any men out there that look at these Axe body spray commercials and think “if I use Axe, then women will tear my clothes off in public,” then I have a talking horse and some swampland in FL to sell you.

  • Joe

    Thanks Goob. I used to get these samples from Sam’s with a fake number, that don’t work any more. I used a family member this time. hope it comes, since the last 3 times using fake numbers they were a no show.

  • Joe

    Don’t tell the ladies, Ben D – but I’m built like that & live in FL. I have swamps for sale too, but no horses.

  • Jeff

    Axe=poor man’s cologne.

  • yvonne

    That sucks you have to be a member to try it

  • maggie

    I joined Sams club to go a a book signing for Drew Brees on Sunday. Now it will really pay off more. thanks Goob

  • Sugarbear

    Axe body spray, the scent of desperate college boys. Still, I think I’ll get the free sample for my brother. He likes cologne sprays.

  • Joe

    Axe – the body spray that we use to start bonfires when camping.

  • Rev. Robin

    To #5…It’s just a body spray. Not a good cologne or Eau De Toilette/Parfum.
    We all know there is a big diff. Both have their rightful place in any real man’s med cabinet

  • Christine G

    These freebies, compliments of my expired free membership card, are the best part of having worked at Sam’s. Now I can relive the scents of all of my high school ex-boyfriends.

  • mrezee

    I just typed in a random number starting with 2 and it worked lol

  • MegaMattSter

    My “Mystery Number” started with a 2, too.
    Maybe the younger women will appreciate it, given the target market.

  • sherrybg1

    now this is a good sample.

  • bethrand

    how do i get a free axe spray?

  • tanya

    I would love to receive axe spray!