Free Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles

Free Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles

Let me say that while this is a valid and legit offer, I expect it to be a clusterf&*k. That’s why I debated posting this free Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles coupon from Facebook. Basically (1) it lets you print the coupon as many times as you’d like, (2) it prints your picture and name, which might make things odd if you have a fake Facebook freebie account, and (3) not many stores take coupons for 100% free items anymore.

That all said, if you want to try your luck, then have at it. I mean, we’re talking about free chocolate truffles here. This is serious business.

  • I printed mine, now to see if the store will take it.

  • CarolLucier

    DO NOT print out more than one per Facebook account. If you change the number of printouts in the printer dialogue box, you are making copies/duplicates of the same coupon. THIS IS COUPON FRAUD, DON”T DO IT. Please read the terms of the giveaway. The coupons have information that they can use to track them back to you. The terms spell out actions they can take against you. The Coupon smart app should never have allowed the printer dialogue box to come up, Bricks and Red Plumb don’t. Lindt and Coupon Smart are aware of this, and Coupon Smart will be checking per the terms of the agreement which you agreed to when you chose to print ONE coupon for your Facebook account.

  • Angela

    I used mine at HEB with no problem.

  • I used it at Walmart today and it worked just fine!

  • Morgan

    Just wanted to let everyone know I used mine in my local Target just fine today!! Def give it a shot, it was well worth it:)

  • Someone

    Has anyone tried printing several out from the printer dialogue box and using them? I used a fake facebook account, and I honestly don’t care about it. I just want to know if they will all work.

  • EdwardDraper1

    @CarolLucier Yes, I definitely agree with you. When you make copies, the UPC code (the barcode and numbers) remains the same. Not sure, but I dont even think it would work because the same UPC code has been scanned already, but they still can track you. 
    ????????????I (Thumbs Up!)

  • Vanderly

    I tried it at Albertsons in Eugene, Oregon it didn’t work. Hoping Walmart will take it.

  • tlpinck1

    Used mine at Rite Aid today – worked fine.   It only let me print once.

  • Diana H

    This coupon created such a Choco-Frenzy when it came out the other day that the site ran super s-l-o w, they printed blank, and after they told us to keep refreshing, it interfered with my printer’s notifications and made me get 2 paper jams with over one hour with my printer’s Tech support and family helping to fix this mess! I’m now waiting for their tech/ customer service to send me another link. They now won’t reprint!

  • RickHunter

    Only lets you print 2 then cuts you off.

  • CarolLucier

    People have done that, but it makes a duplicate, which violates the terms of the giveaway. See my post below. Just don’t do it. The people that do are in for a rude awakening, why do you think they embedded your Facebook account info in the coupon? It’s a security feature to prevent fraud.

  • CarolLucier

    @RickHunter  Actually it doesn’t let you print two, people found they could change the print dialogue box, which prints an exact duplicate of the coupon. Please see my post about this further down. Using the duplicate is coupon fraud, because the coupon contains identifying information tracing to your Facebook account (and therefore you), they will know if you used a duplicate. According to the Lindt terms, Coupon Smart and Lindt can blacklist you from future Lindt & Coupon Souce programs, as well as prosecute at their discretion. And both are aware that people are doing this, even though the terms clearly state “One per Facebook Account” and that duplicating or copying the coupon is fraud. Don’t use the duplicate, cut it up and discard it.

  • @EdwardDraper1  @CarolLucier Everyone who prints this will have the same UPC code… How do you think the store’s computers know what to ring it up as? They all have the same numbers.

  • maelovesnow

    I used mine at Walgreens today and it worked. I agree with CarolLucier, a free bag of chocolate is nice, but when you use those “extra coupons” it’s not worth being black listed from other Lindt offers…. I would just take the one bag of free chocolate and call it good.

  • anonymous

    so i printed off 2 of these coupons not knowing about coupon fraud but i only used one and tossed the other is that okay?

  • EdwardDraper1

    yes, that is perfectly okay,.

  • Brandi

    Tried at CVS and wouldn’t accept it. I will try again at Wal-Mart.

  • CarolLucier

    @zacharyzblewski  @EdwardDraper1  Ed may be referring to the barcode that identifies you to the Coupon Smart people. This barcode is different on each coupon, as it is personal to you and your Facebook account. When you make a duplicate of the coupon, that barcode stays the same. But it is different from individual to individual. The other two barcodes on the coupon are the same on all of them. All of the IP coupons use a sequential numbering system, each coupon has a unique number when it is printed using the app. Some apps (BRICKS for example) allow two prints, and each coupon has a different sequential number. This allows them to track illegal duplication of IP coupons.  HTH!

  • CarolLucier

    @tlpinck1  That was the situation with my computer, but on my nieces, the printer dialogue box popped up, allowing you to change the number of copies to 2. The printer dialogue box shouldn’t appear, as it doesn’t using the BRICKS & Red Plumb apps. It’s a flaw that Coupon Smart is now aware of though.

  • CarolLucier

    Absolutely! It isn’t the printing that is the issue, it’s the actual use that is.

  • CarolLucier

    Were you rejected by a cashier or a manager? Most say they have used these at CVS with no problems. If a cashier wouldn’t take it, see if a manager will.

  • Woodogmom

    Printed mine yesterday and redeemed at Walgreens without incident (was really shocked, expected cashier to reject it as she stared at it front and back for the longest time…and since it was on plain paper, in greyscale no less, there was NOTHING on the back–eventually she scanned it and it worked fine!).

  • imlucky10

    I have my coupon have not tried using it yet. My daughter (an adult) who has her own separate facebook account tried to download one for herself but it would not print. She is having to report the glitch to them so that she can get her coupon. I hope she does get it we love Lindt chocolates! Thank you Lindt for having this giveaway and Goob for posting it. : )

  • Syd

    I printed 3 of them and used them at target it worked fine. You should have seen the cashier’s expression when he saw I got a whole bag for free! I used mine in 3 separate purchases tho.

  • perrytyra

    I used mine at Meijer, no problem.

  • br

    CVS didn’t even have them… I tried at Acme and they said they don’t take online coupons. Than I tried at Target and they took it. The cashier did say we had to get the red bag because that’s what the picture is on the coupon, but that isn’t true because it doesn’t say you have to get that specific one on the coupon, it only specifies the weight. She scanned it, so my husband and I were able to get two bags with our coupons, in separate transactions.