Free Bass Beer Brolly

Ten free brownie points to the first person who can figure out what practical purpose this free Bass beer brolly serves. I’m gonna go with “pointless,” but come on, it has to do with alcohol so it must be something worthwhile.

Also, sorry California residents, but apparently Bass beer doesn’t like any of you and thus won’t send this freebie to ya. Don’t shoot the messenger, I didn’t make the random policy!

[via Mag]

  • Jim

    Looks like it’s to get good head. 😉

  • Danice

    A beer brolly is to layer the beers juuuust right without having to wait for them to settle.

  • pbchicknz

    It could double as a ninja star :) to throw at people.

  • Goob

    I like the way you people think :)

  • Jessica

    Yeah, it’s for pouring Black and Tans… although Delaney’s is so ghetto they just use a spoon. You could use it as a sci fi costume part… it could be your monocle.

  • Lily

    Black and Tans the smooth and easy way
    I have cute ones that look like turtles
    But they weren’t free

  • Billie Jean

    As the owner of (a website devoted to pie) I should be an authority onthings that come in glass bottles (such as beer).

    The beer brolly is a brolly for one’s beer. A brolly is another word for an umbrella (, so this must be the metal equivalent for beer of one of those little umbrellas for other drinks. This should be more obvious if you drink a few more pints.

    P.S. The offer is valid only to Californians if they pay one dollar (

    (fine print: I do not in anyway condone drinking of alcoholic beverages)

  • Hannah

    It’s illegal for a beer company to give anything to CA residents that costs more than $0.25.

    Sorry! It’s your law!