Free Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Food

Free Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Food

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as happy as a clam at tide that we have a free Beneful Healthy Smile dog food offer today. But come on, Beneful, who are we kidding here? My first dog literally ate my second dog’s vomit this morning. Her smile doesn’t crack the Top 100 list of things I worry about when she wakes me up with a sloppy kiss. Get back to me when you’ve invented doggie Listerine.

[thanks to Hiffer Debra for posting this to our Facebook page!]

  • catdlla1

    You’re lucky, Goob. My chihuahua likes to sneak a ‘candy’ visit to the cat box before going and waking hubby up. That’s why I’m always the first one up…

  • juelqueen

    DON’T EVER FEED BENEFUL!!! It is listed on the worst dog foods to feed, and it causes kidney failure. My vet warned me and I have read it several places, plus a friend of mine used it and it killed her dog.

  • newsquest1

    Thanks Goob. My dog has been eating Beneful all her life (10 years) and has NEVER been sick. She will enjoy this.

  • Jan


  • Bunny Greenwood

    I’m with juelqueen. One hotday I put a bowl out for my dog in the summer,it turned green (mold) There have been several deaths due to this food.

  • Jim

    Facebook – double boo!

  • newsquest1

    Make a facebook for your dog or cat, or imaginary dog or cat. LOL that’s what we do.