Free Bic Lighter

EDIT: Now dead

This free Bic lighter actually looks pretty darn cool. Although, let me go ahead and warn you, I don’t think you’ll be able to write with this like you can with other Bic products. I mean, you’re free to try though, but you might not want to use flammable paper or anything. This is also the time where I conviently point to HIF’s Terms of Service, which clearly state that after you have finished reading this sentence, you cannot hold me liable for any bodily harm or structural damage you incure while using this product and that you also hereby grant me full power of attorney over you and your loved ones. Gee, thanks for agreeing to all that!

  • tammy copeland

    [address removed]

  • Jamie

    Takes me to a page that says not available….maybe I’m clicking wrong, or its dead already.

  • madam clarisa

    this link has to be expired it does not work i repeat DOES NOT WORK!!!

  • shereeee


  • That’s why it says “EDIT: Now dead” at the start of this post :roll: