Free Binaca

Free Binaca

EDIT: This is no longer available.

If you want some free binaca, you can get a coupon for one free product via snail mail by signing up on their site. You have to click on steps one and two before the signup form appears under step three and you’ll also have to confirm your email. The coupon should be good at all Walgreens and Wal-Marts but it might also work at additional stores.

On a related note, can anybody else think of binaca without simultaneously thinking of Jim Carrey talking with his butt in Ace Ventura? If so, kudos to you.

[thanks Common Sense with Money!]

  • del

    I just recceived the confirmation email from Binaca. The email also stated that I would be receiving the product in the mail and not a coupon as some articles are stating. Nice !! saves a trip to the store

  • Lindsey

    I asked them on facebook and yes we are receiving the actual product not a coupon…which is good so I don’t have to go out trying to find this product :]

  • obsessed ob/cc

    What del said. TY!

  • Jennifer

    As a teacher, we are told not to have Facebook, my space, twitter, etc. accounts. There are people at the State Dept. of Education whose sole job is to search for educators on these sites. Therefore, it stinks when these offers only work if you have an account at these sites.

  • obsessed ob/cc

    Not a Facebook fan and don’t use one. Can’t you set up a fake account?

  • jill

    sold out:(

  • Cooley


  • Kyle Tanner

    From Bianca’s facebook page: ” Hello Binaca Fans… Due to the overwhelming number of fans who have requested FREE Binaca, we are SOLD OUT. We will not be taking any more orders at this time. Binaca is available for purchase at Walmart and Walgreens and other local retailers.”

  • James

    i haven’t seen Binaca since the 8th grade that was like 17 years ago. Glad to see they still have a product that is making them money.

  • jenniejen

    I was told that they are out of free Binaca : ( But thanks for letting us know about the offer! I guess the eary bird gets the worm and fresher breath!

  • Kate

    I have a fake facebook account in the name of my dog. My mail lady always says that my dog gets more mail than I do. Today she got a gift card for $25.00 that “she” won, some Dove shampoo and conditioner, Good Housekeeping, and an application for a Master Card.

  • omegafemale

    Due to the overwhelming number of fans who have requested FREE Binaca, we are SOLD OUT. Not to worry though, for all those who did not get a free Binaca we will be taking request for one hour on Tuesday, July 20 from 9am to 10 am PST. Last chance opportunity.

  • esme

    sold out… :(

  • Joe

    Jennifer – just make up a fake name with a free email address. I have one made up on facebook just for freebies.

  • Rachel

    Out of Binaca…dang.

  • Jon

    The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Binaca is an episode of Seinfeld. Maybe that is because I’ve not seen the Jim Carrey bit previously mentioned.

  • greg

    giveaway is over…