Free Box of Children’s Toys

Free Box of Children's Toys

EDIT: The FREETRIAL code has expired, leaving only the BLOGHALF code available.

It’s caveat time right off the bat: this offer for a free box of Citrus Lane children’s toys requires you to join a monthly subscription program with your credit card. That means you’ll be charged next month unless you cancel your triual. Please keep that in mind.

That said, free toys!! This offer will surely die fast, but as of now code FREETRIAL will net you a free box of goodies plus free shipping. If the code is dead, you can use BLOGHALF, but that only gets you 50% off your first box of toys. It’s not free, but it’s still something if you’re interested.

Let me reiterate again: unless you cancel your Citrus Lane trial account, you’ll be charged a monthly free starting next month. There’s no obligation to pay next month if you want to cancel after receiving your freebie. Just remember to actually go cancel your account!

  • Denise

    Won’t let me join – I keep getting a blank page

  • shorty

    I finally just got through, had to keep re-freshing. First package will be delivered one month from now. So cancel after delivery and prior to March billing is what it sounds like to me.

  • tefimom

    FREETRIAL has expired :(

  • vic

    Yup free trial expired