Free Box Tops For Education Collection Bin

THANK GOODNESS! Every time I visit home, I bring along any Box Tops For Education I’ve recently collected. Yet every time I go to pack them, I notice that only a quarter made it in the Ziploc bag I use while the rest are scattered throughout my junk drawer. Heck, whenever I’m digging through my tupperware cabinet (which is underneath my junk drawer), I find five or six freaking box tops codes. I don’t even know how they get down there or what my siblings’ schools use these for, but now there’s a free collection bin that I can sign up for in exchange for joining their newsletter.

  • Sue

    Hey, send them to me! I am the Box Tops Coordinator for our homeschool group. If anyone doesn’t have a school they already save Box Tops for we would really appreciate getting yours!


  • Cara

    My school saves them. You exchange them for cash. Our school has already earned over $300 just since school stated. The money is going to be used to buy technology and instructional equipment for our kids.

  • Sue

    Our homeschool group uses the money to help with our high school prom and graduation ceremony. We’ve earned about $165 since 2006. It really is a generous program from General Mills!

  • Katie

    Got it last week. Great way to collect them all and not lose them.


    I will like swap some of the box tops i have for coke rewards code!!!

  • Lilly

    Hey,I need box tops!!!My class is trying to collect the most.We want to win to wear regular clothes.we HAVE to wear uniforms :(

  • jennifer

    this is great now I can be more ocd!

  • Al

    The program is over… They gave me an error 404!

  • Anne

    was so excied to see this but i guess it’s over i got an error code also, i have been collecting box tops for my sons school and have always put them in an envelope and kept it in his book bag but sometimes they fall out can someone e-mail me when they give more away?

  • Help me my school needs them help!

  • Debbie

    Hi, If you are still clippiung Box tops, i would like to have them submitted to my son’s school. Our school is the lowest in collecting the Box Tops. I am sure the kids would really love to receive the Box Tops. We are in Bryan, Tx. contact me if you do I’ll give the school’s address to send them to. Thanks so much!

  • Jessyca

    I’m also looking for boxtops for my school. Any tips?