Free Breakfast Donation to a Hungry Child

Free Breakfast Donation to a Hungry Child

A while back I had the idea to create a site where I would post ways to donate to charities for free. But it recently dawned on me that it was a stupid idea. Not because of the subject, but because why would I start a separate freebie-esque site when I already have a huge one here? So starting today, I’m going to post the occasional free charity or donation offer on HIF.

Today’s offer is a free breakfast donation to a hungry child from Kellogg’s. They’ll donate one free meal, up to a million, for every share, tweet, pin, or video watch. Right now they’ve only reached 162,000 meals, so let’s make that number skyrocket.

  • shared on fb and pinned it. Thanks for such a worthy cause Goob. :)

  • tess

    shared on youtube and emailed to 7 friends. Thanks Goob you done good :)

  • Becky

    check out its a free donation + education site = good karma

  • Lacy Harrison Duncan

    There is also that you can visit every day.

  • Beth

    Goob, has anyone ever told you how awesome you are? You really are.

  • Done!

  • Well thanks! :D