Free Burger King Satisfries

Free Burger King Satisfries

If you’re out and about this weekend and like the idea of “diet” fast food, then swing by and pick up some free Burger King Satisfries. Finally, we can lose weight without eating stupid fruits and vegetables! The Nobel Committee should be ashamed for snubbing last weekend the scientists who came up with these.

  • nemo

    I’ve lived a few blocks from BK for 25 years. I’ve been there twice; once because I had a free meal coupon. Free fries might get me back there again to break my once a decade ritual. thanks Goob.

  • Lisa

    I had those fries the other day…I think they are icky…very bland tasting..YUCK!

  • ‘Sheila Keenan

    I tried them and I LOVE them!!

  • SavdByGrace50

    I’ve tried them. I thought they tasted great; not at all like diet food.

  • Blaine

    yeah I tried them too. Were not good at all and you cannot call that stuff diet food. Potatoes by themselves aren’t all that bad, but if you fry anything in vegetable oil it immediately becomes saturated with oil. Not good for you at all.