Free Cabinet Latches

Free Cabinet Latches

This freebie was originally posted on March 29, 2013 and is still available.

The free cabinet latch kit from Home Made Simple (which I don’t remember previously posting) arrived this week and is still available. Anybody else plan on using theirs as part of an April Fools prank? I’m going to latch my friend’s kitchen cabinet closed then wait for him to get confused and steal a kidney. Hilarious!

EDIT: A lot of Hiffers are saying the links not working, but it is for me. Maybe try copy/pasting?

  • hannah

    I got what I think are these a couple days ago. Same offer I think but different website?

  • bkmdano2go

    I got mine about the same time. It was such a long wait, however, I forgot why I’d gotten them. I like your idea 😉

  • tess

    These work great with nosy cats. It’s so much fun watching them try to get into the cat food cabinet. Keeps the dogs out of the poisonous cleaning fluids too.

  • Joyce Lynn

    Just got mine 3/31 at 3:15 AM THANKS!!!!

  • eva

    I just got mine!

  • Bonnie K Spears

    They must have clitch in system, I’ve recieved 4 sets!

  • Amber Hackman

    I’ve gotten 10 sets so far! lol

  • anagirlca

    Link’s not working.

  • Goob
  • Judy

    It’s still not working for me….no latches for me then …:(

  • LoveTheFreeStuff

    Bummer. Link nor cut/paste working. My niece has a very alert 2yr old running around her place. Thought these would help. Oh well

  • Dev

    Worked for me today. Thanks.

  • Becky

    Worked today for my friend and I have already received these items.

  • Nikki

    Worked for me today. Copy and pasted into a new browser window, clicked on the button on the right side, entered my info and not credit card info and it says it’s on its way! Thank you Happy Holidays :)

  • jb

    My 3 year old had these off in under 30 seconds

  • Katie

    Link worked for me today. Had to use a different email address though, it remembered me from years ago when I saw this on HIF

  • Birdiebee

    I appreciate you posting this. I went ahead and requested this for my niece who just had a baby.

  • Christina Strapp

    Thank you for posting, free is always good.

  • mel

    link worked for me just copy and paste!