Free Candle Samples

Tracy from has graciously offered to give away free candle samples to anybody who wants one. I just hope they don’t smell like food, because every time I get a chocolate or vanilla scented candle and burn it, I get hungry and eat everything I can get my hands on.

Including the candle wax once…that wasn’t a pretty sight…

  • i love candle

  • Marie

    I love scented candles! I have them I think in every room of the house! Can’t wait to get the free sample from you!



  • lithenie colley

    love scented candles, would like free ones

  • Robin

    I would like the free candle sample. Thank You

  • stacy meredith

    i would like some candle samples.

  • please send me free sample :)

  • Courtney Kurz

    I would like the free candle candle sample.

  • Marcie Oder

    Could I please have a free Sample of maybe a citrus candle if you have one?

  • Kelsey Lee

    I would like to try a free sample.. I love candles..

  • sally

    i would like to get a free sample of your candles.

  • Carrie

    May i please have a free candle sample? :)

  • nelly

    I would like to try a free sample..

  • Theresa Bowers

    I would love a free sample!!!



  • Lexie

    you just click the words that he wrote in blue and fill out the form to get them. It asks you which three scents do you want.

  • Desso

    I would like some free candle samples please!

  • nellie beaty

    free candle, please

  • nellie beaty

    how do i get free candle?? no food smells!!

  • cyndi

    hope to get some free candle samples. I love when my home smells great with candles

  • Amy

    Ohhh I am so excited, I LOVE candles, I am a hour by hour burner…….he he….thanks

  • Tannah Thor

    Please give me one!

  • Cindy Wells

    Please send me a candle. I use them every day.

  • Kira

    Free Candle Please!!1

  • sandra

    i would really appreciate a sample of the candle. i love to burn candles in my home for that fresh scent . please please please

  • Marletta

    Candels are better when there free! ecspeacially the offer to win a candel to my collection of scenses in my rooms.

  • sarina

    I would love some amazing candles (for free) if they are really good I would buy some for my entire family! :)

  • Winona Thompkins

    I would love to try one of your candle sample!

  • ivy

    I would really like to try your candle! My grandmother burns candles daily and I am looking to get her some new scents!!!

  • Susie

    I love candles, and burn them everyday

  • Diane

    I just love candles period.

  • tommie brown

    i love smell goods. burn them all the time. take as many as you will let me try. can i have some please??

  • stephanie ray

    i would love to have a free candle…

  • Laura

    How does this work? How do i get a free candle?

  • Lorena

    how do you obtain a free candle

  • brynna

    i’d love a candle as well!

  • melinda wolves@att

    Now that our children are gone I want to try everything.
    unforfunatly I am now diabled….. so any little pleasure. I like a birthday for me tganks for anything


  • shar dexter

    I would love a candle sample!!! :)

  • ashley

    would love some free samples. me and my husband are always burning them

  • Annette winters

    I would love one of your candles

  • Tiffany barbier

    i would love some

  • tammy

    i love free samples of candles..

  • Amanda

    I would love some free candle samples i love sprucing up the place romantically or just for fun with scented candles and beautiful candle holders :)

  • Diana

    Wow I love candles and free well free is wonderful!!

  • kathy michael

    Wow I love candles and free well free is wonderful!! especially when family over

  • Zahra

    I would love a free candle sample I love candles they are nice and make you room smell delicious.

  • Amy

    I would love a free candle sample. =) Thanks.

  • Anna Carlisle

    I would like a free candle sample. There good to have in the bathroom.

  • LisaSturgill

    I am new here and very interested in you candles

  • AshleyBeckham

    I would like a free candle sample

  • Terry Kaelber

    LOVE CANDLES.  Just got some from Yankee candle   but prices are out of site I burn candles everyday  spending to

  • karen

    i love when my house smell so good i love scented candles

  • Ashley

    how do you get one?

  • Sandy

    I would love to have one.

  • Ruthie ferguson

    Me too

  • ted smith

    My wife keeps going on about these yankee candles but has never had one yet. I have never smelt the odours of them yet. Maybe you should do some sort of scratch and sniff like Avon do in their booklets. I would love my wife to have one and its birthday soon. pleeeease

  • Debbie Meeks

    I would really like a free candle to try it then can buy more from this site

  • destiny

    You can go to facebook and type in salty wholesale candles outlet get a free candle and car freshner hurry

  • Debbie Meeks

    It says no results for the name for facebook I really want free candle samples please

  • Tarrraaaa

    Is there anywhere I can get free candles?

  • JodyJason Agent

    Yankee Candle does send out catolgs that do have rub and smells. Just go to their site and request a catalog