Free Carol’s Daughter Hold & Control Sample

Everyone at work keeps asking me when I’m going to get a haircut. I know that my hair is getting long, and that its been about 4 months since my last trip to the barber, but I’m holding out for Halloween. See, I plan to dress up as Moss from The IT Crowd.

Until then, I think I can use as many of these free Carol’s Daughter Hold & Control samples as I can get my hands on…

  • Kim

    Thanks! It worked! Although I love how they make you check the box that you want to receive their emails..

  • Audrey

    I love Moss! 😀 thanks!

  • Sarah

    +50 more awesome points to Adam for the IT Crowd reference!

  • Elizabeth

    Another internet high-five for wanting to be Moss!

  • Sarah

    Why is it after you sent in your entry, it said good luck? good luck for what? that we’ll revieve the product? that’ll work for us?

  • Corrina

    Like Sarah said. Does that mean there’s no guarantee that we’ll receive a sample? And yeah, I agree with Kim, too.

  • Jeanne

    I liked that too…had to check the box to get the emails or they would not process your request. The ‘good luck’ part was annoying leaving one wondering. Strange site.

  • Carolyn

    Last night we had trouble with our OnDemand service. So I called Comcast and my husband listened to their troubleshooting guide. He said, “So, that was six minutes that boiled down to ‘Have you tried turning it off and on?'” Love, love, love The IT Crowd! And, yes, turning it off and on did the trick!

  • Maerita

    Thanks for your entry and good luck. Good luck getting my sample maybe.

  • me

    Just put a fake email if you dont want their emails it doesnt know the difference

  • jordan

    i got it two time now i am going to get one more

  • jordan

    went on there four time we see if i get four of them