Free Charm Bracelet

Free Charm Bracelet

U by Kotex is giving away free charm bracelets. Please don’t ask me to try deciphering the whys behind this one because I have no freaking idea.

  • RH

    Thank You I grabbed it for my daughter who just started hers.

  • April Harrison

    Thanks…ordered mine earlier…

  • zoe

    How do you order em

  • Goob

    Click the blue “free charm bracelet” link above and then fill in your mailing info.

  • ivekv

    It only for usa so wasting my precious time….

  • Mz.CarrieBerryFairy

    It wont let me”/ wanted to suprise my lil sister when she gets her thing*

  • Koree

    How do I get it

  • S

    Got mine(:

  • Angel Mary Quite Contrary

    i got this thinking it might be cute. it fell apart beyond fixing before i could even put it on :(

  • Wameeq Ahmed

    I want that charm braclet for my sister

  • http://Yahoo Audaliz

    Wow a want that bracelet my dauthet birthday

  • Kara

    The bracelet is no longer available, however, they are offering a free sample package of their products, there are 4 different packages to choose from.