Free Clothing Tape Measure

Free Indochino Tape Measure

Image via antoniodavis77

For the past two weeks I’ve been wearing a suit every day in an effort to increase my productivity. As you can see from that link, it hasn’t worked out as planned, but it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. I don’t know what has to do with this free clothing tape measure, but that segue was smoooooth.

Want to get one? Here’s how.

  • Like them on Facebook.
  • Click the blue “Get Tape Measure” button.
  • A registration form should now appear. If it doesn’t, refresh the page, unlike them, and try again. I got the form on my second try.
  • Now checkout. It should charge you $0.00 total

That’s it! You should quickly get an email that looks like this.

Just make sure you don’t pay anything or enter any credit card info. I have a feeling they’ll start charging a shipping fee after we HIF it, so please let me know if it asks you to pay anything in the comments.

  • Catherine Taylor

    Free shipping still. But I had to unlike them, refresh the page and like them again before it would bring up the form.

  • Still free.

  • Christina

    Got it! A costume designer can never have too many tape measures!

  • Ashley Ziemba

    They are now charging $1 for the tape measure.