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  • zeens

    thanks much.  need a new pair.  do you know if there are restrictions on the frames and if progressive lenses are included?  Thanks.

  • trophylady

    Won’t work for me, says it won’t apply coupon and wants to charge me full price.

  • Goob

    Sorry to hear that. Do you know which frames you are trying to buy? This won’t work for luxury frames.

  • I talked to one of the ‘optical specialists.’ She said it “As long as the frames you’ve selected does not state, “Luxury Frame”, then it would be eligible for the promotion. Here’s the link for the eligible frames. At this time all the PINK FRAMES included in this link are luxury frames to pave way to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

  • HeyItsFree

    @TheRunnerDad Cool, hope you both enjoy the new glasses!

  • rblgoalie1

    Pretty sure it works for any of the glasses that are eligible for the ‘get your first pair free’ promotion which you can find by clicking on the banner on the main page or by going to the link below. Not sure if it will work for non luxury frames that don’t happen to qualify for the promotion.

  • Selina

    Thanks!! My 4 year old son needed a back up pair & thanks to this he is going to have a new pair that are transformers!!

  • Stephanie

    Another alternative (that’s been cheaper for me) is They have free lenses and the frames start at $6.95. I recommend adding Non-Glare coating (their’s is good). Shipping is something like $4.95. I got my entire pair for less than $20 with shipping. Just posting to give you choices. :)

  • Rich

    got mine. $96 reading glasses for $16 delivered. Nice glasses! Thanks Goob!.

  • Susan

    I love Zenni! I have bought several pairs from them and have never been disappointed!

  • Susan

    I don’t think this will work if you need bi-focals.

  • alka

    i love zenni the glasses are good and durable.

  • Macy

    it is not really free, you have to select one of the whenever package cost minimum $29.95 plus shipping and handling and insurance, it cost you at least $60 at the end.

  • Christina

    Yeah! I don’t understand why this is happening… I have a friend who got hers completely FREE… but mine are coming up 39.99 because of the “mandatory” package selection. Ugh!

  • Lesley

    Maybe you selected additional stuff like polarized lenses. The shipping turns out to be $14.72. That’s all I had to pay and I orders mine yesterday. The promotion is still on!!

  • Lesley


  • Macy

    When either one of your eyes prescription is -4.0 or more, you will have to pay minimum $39.95 silver package Thin Air Lens…..

  • Jen

    I wasn’t able to get past the extra package either. My perscription is over 4.0 on both eyes. Total is $59.53. Any ideas?

  • Jen

    -4.0, I mean

  • twdavis

    Jen – Same thing here. I’m on the free selection page and have tried two different styles and after adding the code I get $59 or $127 for one pair. It’s crazy. Mine is -4. too, but this seems crazy. I even tried to contact the 1888 number and I’ve been on hold for a while. :( Giving up.

  • Maria

    Aw come on, green beans are awesome!

  • Mary

    It keeps telling me that the code doesnt work. its not valid. )=

  • Ashley

    Call the 888 number that they provide for further assistance. they can apply the discount for the code while you’re on the line and complete the order. really nice people that work the customer service line.

  • wholesale_girl

    This isn’t really a deal. I’ve got similar styles/quality from Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect by purchasing the $6 pairs they sell and using a coupon for less than $12. Coastal wants to charge $17 something for shipping plus a handling charge, when in reality it costs about $3 to ship it – this is where the money is made :).

  • rio

    no deal here. it’s advertised free, but it’s not. sure shipping cost but then when you have to pay for the lens choice forget it. deceptive advertising, so for this reason I will not order from coastal

  • Muddy

    You’re wrong. I’ve worked in the eye industry for 16+ years. Their basic lenses, for prescriptions up to +/-3D are completely free. They advertise an additional charge for AR coat, but actually all lenses come with the AR coating. I would know – I’ve ordered two. If you have an rX over 3D, you may want to upgrade to a thinner lens, but you don’t have to. All I paid for was shipping.

  • Muddy

    order in a plastic frame, and you shouldn’t have an issue with the prescription being too thick. If your frame is large, there is almost no way around this, but a smaller, plastic frame will suit an rX even to 6, not too badly.

  • Donna

    This promotion is no longer available!!!

  • Kelley

    Even when it is available it doesn’t apply to trifocals or progressive. However my prescription from the drs says…Pal., trans., AR. and Trivex and is $476.62 AFTER my insurance. My insurance is EyeMed so it’s not the greatest but still…that price is after my free exam and is before frames and tax too! It’s a joke. I am trying to do all the research on everything and was trying to save by buying trans., (thus not having to buy sunglasses) and I have to have the anti reflection because of oncoming cataracts. The online prices are still cheaper than at the doctors but I must of tried on 20+ pairs, so how does that work online? If I just needed reading glasses you can go up to a 5 over the counter. The online prices are just not the greatest for someone retired that needs all the discounts they can get, who needs trifocals and/or progressives and AR coating for cataracts.

  • Amy

    This was the real deal I got free glasses and two of my friends did too !
    It was easy and got dope ones!
    It was amazing ever since I said screw lense crafters even the lenses with coastal are way better !
    Mind you I Paid over 400 bucks for my Burberry frames with lense so to get free glasses that worked better I was over stoked !
    Thanks for the deal coastal hope you bring it back soon I want my sister to try it !!

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