Free Copenhagen Personalized Flask

Too bad there are only three initial slots on this free Copenhagen personalized flask. Gob just doesn’t have the same ring to it without that missing o. Although as long as it holds whiskey without any leakages, then I don’t care the cover says. Hidden flasks are the only way I can make it through school plays, business meetings, or writing HIF posts.

[thanks to the dozens of Hiffers who sent this in!]

  • christopher lesser

    wow…12-14 weeks wait…..oh well worth it I guess…..thanks Goob

  • nady

    got mine thanks 😉

  • Terry

    Good freebie – thanks Goob!!!!

  • obsessed ob/cc

    Got it! Thanks

  • Hennifel

    Got mine!Thanks a lot!!

  • ashley

    my id number is only 9 numbers, i cant figure this out at all!

  • Tara

    LOL I did all of the security things and they still wouldn’t let me in…I’m 24!

  • obsessed ob/cc

    I had to jump through hoops to get this thing. Then I used my maiden name, until it asked for “name as it appears on govt. doc.”

  • vdragon

    I signed up for mine. It took a few tries since the website doesn’t do anything for a long while once you are logged in. I guess I have a slow internet connection.

  • riverrat

    TAkes a long time, just wait, I was already a member so it went right along. Thanks goob

  • Jeff

    This flask better get me extra drunk, with all the crap I had to fill out to get it. Oh well I guess its free I can’t complain.

  • alyssa

    i did this and cannot wait until i get mine for my husband

  • Eddie

    Had some difficulty logging in but waited the 30 minutes, tried again and I should be getting mine…Thanks

  • britt

    i’m 21 and it wouldnt let me in.

  • susan

    I stopped when it asked me for the last four digits of my social security number.

  • Joe

    Thanks Goob! I used initials XXX in case of emergency like a moonshine jug.

  • Brooke

    I stopped applying for it too when it asked for my social. I get that they have to confirm your age, but I also know not to give out my social. Oh well. Maybe next time :)

  • Shari

    Page keeps getting stuck.
    To Jeff: LMAO

  • renee

    For some reason, it is not accepting the birthday i KNOW i put in…. Weird???? Yep weird!!! And don’t know how to get them to fix it. I really wanted to get that for hubby

  • Corrina

    Whaa? The sign-up page asks for a 10-digit ID number, but my ID is only 8 digits. Guess I’m out of luck. :(

  • Lisa W

    To those freaked out about the SSN and stuff….If you have never signed up for their site, you do have to provide some detailed info. I signed up a long time ago, but if I am not mistaken they ask for the last four digits, not the whole thing… It is nothing that is not public record already… they check your info again your state driver license info on file as proof of your age. All the tobacco companies have had to start doing this as a measure to prevent minors from signing up because it is illegal for them to send anything to an underage person. I have been a member of not only the Copenhagen site but also Marlboro and others for a long time and have never had any problems because I gave them my info. (I have been on Marlboro’s mailing list since the days before internet and you had to send all that info by snail mail!) And I have gotten some mighty fine things from them in return!

  • Beth

    I ordered this a week ago so I hope it’s on it’s way!

  • EdroK

    I did this the other day. I go to Copenhagen and Marlboro to get freebies all the time. It’s a p.i.t.a. to get signed up, but once you do, its easy. I’ve gotten some decent free stuff from both. Thanks for posting

  • Beth

    Aw Goob, it could be worse. My new daughter-in-law now has initials I bet she doesn’t want to have:

  • Staci

    I used to say I wanted to marry someone with a last name that began with X! hahah


  • Romesh

    Nice work……

  • Bryan

    for all the people complaining about ID number, read the text…

    Did you receive a mailing from us?
    If so, please verify your date of birth, and enter your ID number from the mailing
    (it’s the 10 digit number found above your name on the address label).

  • Matt

    I’ve been signed up on that site for a long time…took me a total of about 5 seconds after login to get the confirmation its being shipped. from my experiences the items arrive sooner then later. and they are legit…i’ve rec’d a crap load of coupons from them too..enough to buy some alcohol with the savings. next time, i’ll drink the savings to that in the flask they provide me.

  • Dizzy gal

    I am a member from some time ago, this site and the other tobacco sites. Yes your ssn [last 4 I think] has to be put in. But I have never had any trouble from these legit sites. I signed up last week for my X X X flask. I played week 1 snus Marlboro game and got a pair of the ear buds. they came in mail yesterday. one of 350,000. So rock on!

  • Alan

    You can also get a free flask and bandana from Rebal Yell Whiskey for joining the club, Band of Rebals

  • Mandy

    Vicki, if we’re paying $25 then it isn’t free, is it. How you figure is NOT a real site is beyond me. Please go preach to the choir somewhere else, and leave those of us who like this site alone. Thanks.

  • Sara

    I’d like a free flask, but don’t want to give all that info to a cigarette company. I tried signing up for Band of Rebels as Alan #30 recommended, the sign up was simple but I didn’t see anything about a flask…. oh well.

  • john

    Is anybody else just getting a page that says this product can cause mouth cancer?

  • Amy

    Vicki is in a pyramid scheme and needs to go away.

  • Rhenn Rainbow

    Hmmm, I was ok with doing my social, since it was only the last four digits, but my firewall kept saying that THIS SITE IS UNSAFE. I clicked ignore, but it kept giving me these messages warning me not to, so I bailed. Oh well. I’m gonna go try the rebel yell one. 😛

  • Kelsey

    This offer is still good! Just got mine! It will get great use this summer!

  • Lauren

    Totally bummed that you have to be 21 to get this. I mean, I totally use this flask for like, water! How do they know I wouldn’t do that? 😛

  • shawn

    Site worked fine for me. I had a username already in the system from the free lid promo. Lost my lid… but at least i’ll have a flask. : )

  • Bob

    Got mine delivered today…took a bit to get it but worth it (it is free afterall). Will get a test of the drinkability later tonight :)

  • Amanda

    Can I still get this flask? I signed up, got in , But don’t see a plce to request a flask …. Where did you click to get it when it was available?

  • asdf

    I’m 19 and it wouldn’t let me.

    Wonder why =/

  • Becky

    I got mine! It is wonderful, and I’ll be saving this one for a Christmas present for the hubby…he doesn’t need to know :)

  • maria

    Where’s the icon to click on for the flask…don’t see it

  • Desiree

    Got mine last week! its awesome! Thanks for telling us about this one

  • Larry

    darn it I missed out on this one!!! I usually check these site a couple of times a month but I must have forgotten about the cope site! :(

  • Maerita

    Way to much information to provide for a freebie

  • Dee

    This is by far my favorite Freebie EVER! My name fits just right. Sadly, i received it in the mail two days after finding out that I am pregnant…….Oh well, I’m sure it will eventually come in handy.

  • tejas

    I got mine in this thing in awesome!!! only holds a few shots but thats just right for concerts that charge 14.00 a beer :)

  • Jenni

    AWESOME freebie. My hubby just loved it. If only I could have intercepted the mail, and saved it for his B-Day. He would have been really impressed!!!

  • Lisa L

    Ours came today – got it for my guy. Very cool!

  • Kelly

    I can’t find where to get it….must not be there anymore :(

  • Angie

    I couldn’t find it on the site either. I am bummed, really wanted one.

  • darrell arndt

    ordered flask on a mail will i ever recieve it?

  • Fred Leasure

    Inever did get mine.