Free Corkscrew

Maybe after I get this free corkscrew I’ll start drinking wine. Or maybe I’ll just terrorize my little Gooblings with it by telling them I’m going to drill a hole in their belly. As you can see, I still go through occasional bouts of “mean older brother” ;)

  • Kitten

    This is a frustrating website, the site offers a contest to be taken on a trip to Napa’s Valley’s Pink Mansion, but the offer is not open for CALIFORNIA resident. This makes no sense, I live about an hour north of Napa, and certainly can’t afford to stay there on my own, why can’t I win it? At least I am still getting a corkscrew, lol… I am going to have to complain on their site

    Thank you for all your great freebies and lovely humor!



  • Cajundweeb

    This offer is expired.