Free Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription

EDIT: Well that went fast!

Oh thank the Lords of Kobol – an actual freebie! If you take a short survey on jewelry, you get a free two year Cosmopolitan magazine subscription from RewardsGold. For once the survey and magazine subject go fairly hand in hand as well! It must be a Friday afternoon freebie miracle!

  • Chelsea

    Thank the “Hey it’s free! Gods!” I LOVE cosmo!!!

  • Amanda J

    Woo, just did it!

  • Deanna

    Woo hoo! Love all the free magazines that I get from rewards gold!

    Now to just find the time to actually read them.

  • Heather K

    Says reward is not available and directs you to get a different magazine.

  • lindsey

    says its not avail anymore

  • tazie

    Click link, says ‘this reward is not available’…oh well! I’ve been waiting for Cosmo, too…it’s ok, have a great weekend Goob.

  • Rich

    Says it is no longer available….so much for the miracle. Forbes Magazine is now available.

  • leah

    so sad, i just saw the post on fb and the offer is gone! i’ve been waiting and waiting for an offer, a true free offer for a good girlie magazine sooo long! guess i’ll have to wait longer

  • Brooke

    Aw I’m pretty bummed that I was late for this!

  • lucy

    whoo.. out now..

  • Vicky

    I just got my first issue in the mail today. I got my sub. for $5.00. :)

  • Rachel

    I got it & I never get the good freebies!

  • obsessed ob/cc

    I got a few copies of this for my daughter when it was offered before.

  • jane

    ugh. all gone on friday so sad!

  • nellen

    I really don’t care if HIF skips a few days. I like knowing that the freebie links have been checked out and are safe for me to use.

  • obsessed ob/cc

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone,…even you Jill! :)

  • barbara

    hey goob, too bad you cant block access to all the debbie downers out there that complain….
    keep up the awesome job!!!!

  • Christy

    I know! Seriously, not a fan of Jill Coldwell. I love this site.

  • mags

    These people work hard to find and post free things for us.They are human just like all of us and do have lives outside of HIF.We should respect that.If you feel that you can make a better freebie website,then i implore you to go out and do just that.But don’t degrade hard work, especially not in the HIF comments.we will eat you alive. figuratively of course.

    and just an FYI:this freebie was not a scam and if you didn’t get it,you were too late.alot of the time you must get to the freebie in a timely manner.the companies aren’t always going to give samples to everyone.

  • Vicky

    Yeah, I like this site because I always receive the freebies I sign up for. I don’t mind that HIF skips a few days, either. Everyone needs a day off sometimes.

  • Spammers be spamming! Thanks for the backup, Hiffers.

  • Maria Ramos

    I just found out about this now,it was posted on Twitter,and I clicked onto it,and here I am.I don”t know if it”s back on.I hope so.

  • april

    I need some free minutes for my phone