Free Cottonelle Toilet Paper Cover

When my wife and I moved into our new apartment, we started to think more about organization and keeping things clean. Sadly, my idea of a suit of armor with the lance holding up all of our toilet paper rolls didn’t fit into the organizational plan.

But methinks that this free Cottonelle toilet paper cover might do the trick. All I needed was the UPC 3600013396, and I think maybe I can tell her that my suit of armor should be holding this cover. Yup, that’s it.

Thanks to everyone who posted this sucker over on the HIF Facebook page. I saw the ad during The Bachelorette’s After The Rose show. I was a J.P. fan, sorry…

  • Amanda

    Aww, says service unavailable :(

  • Shannon

    It says Service Unavailable

  • Amanda

    oh, now it works. i don’t have a UPC code, though. Oh well.

  • Amanda

    Worked for me. Thanks!

  • I did it earlier and kept getting various service unavailable messages, error messages and finally it even went completely offline for several hours and there was only a message that said Sorry, We’ll be back shortly…. It finally did come back up and I got one so keep checking back and trying.

  • Reboyo

    if you get service unavailable, try refreshing the page or resending. I think the site might just be really busy. I got mine after re-submitting 3 times.

  • maureen

    I liked the other guy…he was way cool.

  • Sarah

    May I have a roll??

  • joy

    keep refreshing the is being bombarded lol

  • joy

    got mine TY!

  • Adam

    I probably should have written in the original post that their site has been up and down and all around all day, so just keep refreshing and eventually it’ll come up…

  • theresa b

    Got mine! And did it for my mom and sister too! Thanks!

  • Shannon

    It does work every once in a while. Got it to go through twice.

  • Still unavailable.

  • Alyssa

    If it says unavailable, refresh and itll work eventually

  • Meredith

    I got in…. Thanx Goob, maybe the cats won’t shred so much TP around here.

  • Meredith

    Wow… I meant Thanx ADAM…. sorry

  • Dee

    I got mine…thanks Adam. Now maybe I can hide a roll from my son who goes thru TP like he’s trying to win an award.

  • Joy

    i think i got a couple of them

  • Laura

    “Thanks for respecting the roll…” lol, cute!
    Thanks Goob!!

  • Got it and will be perfect for hiding the spare roll from the toddlers and their sneaky ways. Thanks!

  • Maerita

    service unavailable

  • Denise

    keeps asking for a code….

  • nicole

    keep trying believe me I kept getting error messages then finally about the 8th time it went through

  • Mary

    I need a UPC code?

  • Alyssa

    Got a “Service Unavailable” message after submitting my form…wondering if it went through or not???

  • Mary

    Got it!

  • ferretrodeo

    Got mine after the second try. THANKS!

  • Abi

    I just had to refresh one and it was there! Just keep refreshing!! Got my blue roll cover!! Thanks Goob!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tess

    What every well dressed toilet should wear..,.designer duds. Thanks Adam. Hang in their Goob!

  • cecilia

    nooo “sorry we have bad news – we will be back shortly”?

  • Just keep refreshing, code is on the post…guess ppl dont read–oh wait I didnt read either LOL had to go back and skim for it. This is too stupid not to get, it would be a good crayon container, but seriously a roll cover…

  • Knb4evr

    Yeah it says ‘Sorry we have bad news-we will be back shortly.’ Im assuming they ran out. Who would’ve thought toilet paper roll covers we be such a hit!

  • Knb4evr

    Okay, I tried again and it worked, don’t give up on the roll cover folks!

  • Alyssa

    awwww….. not working :(

  • Margie from Virginia

    I got one! I just kept pressing the “page back” and reentered the “are you a real person” code and pressed submit a bazillion times while I folded laundry.

  • hongator

    Just got it! Thanks

  • Barbara

    Thank you Adam way cool!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Got mine. Took quite a few attempts. Thanks Adam!

  • Sarah

    Thanks Goob! :)

    Side Note: If it says “SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” or it keeps coming up blank, just hit refresh over and over again until the form appears. I had to do it about 25 times (no joke) until mine came up and then I got it lol.

  • Sasha


  • mary

    can anyone share a UPC code with me. thanks:)

  • Lilly

    why is this a thing?

  • metta

    Thanks Reboyo, for the tip! It worked I got it. I refresh page 3 times form came up.

  • SR

    @ Mary: Look in the freebie post. Adam has given an UPC code.

  • rc

    If it says “service unavailable” keep trying until you get the site. I did and was able to get mines finally. UPC code is in Adam’s description. Thanks

  • hacker

    wow, lots of cheap-o’s want free poo-paper? lol that is funny

  • Stacy

    I filled out one for me and my husband and it didn’t give me an error message. We’ll see if two show up at our door…

  • Sarah

    Hacker, if you’d actually read what it says, they are not giving away toilet paper.

  • Val

    Got mine! I had to refresh a few times, tried submitting the form once but it went back to “service unavailable”, refreshed a few more times, got the form again, and that time it worked! Yay!

  • Layna

    What’s the UPC code??

  • Layna

    Oh, nevermind :)

    Thanks Adam!

  • Abbica

    Service Unavailable! Darn it :/

  • Chris

    Thanks Adam! I got a blue one!!

  • @ Sarah

    Sarah…. yes your a cheap-o

  • nancy

    I filled it all out to find there’s nowhere to submit it. no button to submit. sheesh

  • stephanie

    Not working for me. It just keeps hanging up, then going to a page that says “sorry we have bad news – we will be back shortly” I have tried 4 times, refreshing and even changing browsers, still not working.

  • maria

    The submit button finally came up after about the 10th try. be patient and persistant! LOL!

  • lisa

    for some reason when i hit “tab” right after filling out form, THEN hit submit, it worked..maybe try that.

  • Kerry Smith

    Can’t even get a form to come up, darn!!! But I’ll keep trying.

  • Kerry Smith

    Came up, but nowhere to send info :-(

  • Kerry Smith

    Guess third time was the charm, it worked :-)

  • butterfly_net2

    It took a few tries, but I got through.

    Goob—as always—YOU ROCK!! (Still praying for you, dawg!)

  • It just says service unavailable, and when I’m able to put my information in… it either takes to me service unavailable or to the sorry page. =\

  • dolphintweety

    To all who say it’s not working: IT IS WORKING NOW @ 5:28:34PM
    Get it before it’s hiffed forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dolphintweety

    If you don’t have a UPC code, here you got one: 3600013396
    Just in case, you don’t read the description to this offer above ;)

  • Teresa W


  • It is now working! (:

  • Jeonelle

    thanks! UPC worked just great

  • janice

    thanks Adam!!!!

  • Christine

    Thanks! UPC code you posted worked just fine(: Ordered the GREEN one! Super excited…lol :P

  • Arrya

    BAM! Got all three, after many refreshes. Thanks so much :D

  • Jessica

    Got it! Thanks! :)

  • cheryl

    these would make great gag christmas gifts if anyone wants to do that.

  • Paula

    Third try was the charm. I have to say the color designs are atrocious. This product could be good to have while traveling or in the camper though.

  • Shari

    Finally, after trying for a while I was able to get this. There were service unavailable errors all day. :-)

  • obsessed ob/cc

    Working! 2nd one. :)

  • barbra

    Just got mine – worked to wait til the next day! thanks!

  • kelly

    I was a huge J.P. fan. Cant believe I wasnt the only one watching.

  • texasmilf

    woo hoo got me one!

  • Tami

    I have done it a dozen times and it still says service unavailable

  • Kate

    Just got mine at 3:54 central time.

  • Jessica

    got it……

  • Sandi

    I got it! I’m gonna use it in my classroom to hold stuff. :-)

  • Robin

    Just keep trying….site is overloaded or extremely tempermental. Click on the backpage arrow and keep redoing the “captcha” and re-submit until it says” allow 4-6 weeks or whatev is says…..”

    I just got two, one for me, one for a friend @ 5:54pm EST. Aug. 3rd.

    Keep trying ppl…..sounds like a cool freebie to me.

  • stephhh


  • Jane

    Got it! Tried it earlier and it wouldn’t work. Figured I’d give it one more shot and I’m sure glad I did. My TP will thank me!

  • Mysti Distance

    try a new code: 3600029587 Other over used…they know they did not make that much!

    I tried for 72 times…no results…good luck (used both codes)

  • Linda O’Brien

    Just worked for me!

  • steph

    Worked for me! I submitted for the green one. Not sure if I’ll actually use it for toilet paper. It think it could be used for plenty of things the way it looks.

  • I thought it would look good in my bathroom, and to see what other uses I could use it for.

  • mean old man

    Got one thanks Adam.
    She sure is holding a huge roll of paper.

  • brenda

    i have tried severaltimes also,still can’t get 1!!!!

  • simply stupid

    Did I win?

  • Suraya

    Worked for me. Thanks!

  • Talea

    I just ordered mine!!! Thanks!!!

  • Kate

    ordered one for everyone in my house and for all of my aunts… they’ll be getting a surprise in the mail in about 8 weeks :)

  • Maggie

    Why can’t Canadians get in on this…we are always left out of the free stuff and its made here???

  • Luna

    I ordered all three, using different emails:)

  • This still works they have only the orange one available but you know what?! It’s free I won’t be picky! GOT IT!

  • Marilyn

    Do you have any without faces? I’d like a satin finish, or geometrics, or nature designs if possible.
    Thank you!

  • sherri

    no submit button.