Free Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day

Free Chick-fil-A Entree

I know it’s hard to keep track of all these important holidays, but Friday, July 11 is Cow Appreciate Day. No, we don’t eat cow that day. That’s saved for Frog Appreciation Day the following week. I know, it’s a complicated system.

What this Friday’s celebration entitles us to is a full free Chick-fil-A meal if you dress like a cow. If you don’t want to go all out like I did 6 years ago then you can download & print a basic mask from their site, which is good for a free entree. Either way you’re getting free food!

  • Mind Terrorist

    Okay, I’ll bite my tongue Ryan, but if I find out their meat is made out of murdered gay people, then I will molest your comment section with my rage!!


  • Laslow Greene

    That would be beef. You may get some gay chickens, though.


    I love chick fil a… employees aren’t so irritated with the inconvenient customers trying to buy food, and the food is better than most.
    Of course you don’t have to like their “social policies” but it’ll be a rotten day for America when we’re not allowed to state opinions any longer. They’re certainly not refusing to serve anyone… just exercising a little freedom of speech. I don’t believe any American can fight against that! :)

  • Toffeemama

    I have fully functioning udders, do you think they’ll let me get away with not wearing a full costume if I point that out?

  • Guest

    How did you do the headpiece?

  • Goob

    Elastic headband with construction paper ears