Free Crest 3D Whitestrips

Free Crest 3D Whitestrips

EDIT: This freebie from April has returned with a new code: J2L6

9K2P isn’t much of a code, is it? Sounds more like a partial license plate you saw as a car peeled out of the parking lot. Or was it 2PK9? I’m already confused and I didn’t even witness this imaginary bank heist.

Thankfully what I do know is that the code will give you access to a free Crest 3D FlexFit Whitestrips sample. You should get a signup form after submitting the code.

  • chaosreins

    neither works for me :(

  • Kimchi Reichard

    9K2P worked for me.

  • Sam

    9K2P worked for me, also. Thanks!

  • martialartsfan

    Invalid code(s)!!!

  • ASD

    Copied and pasted the code, but it’s invalid. Manual input-same problem????

  • amy

    invalid code

  • tina

    invalid code for me also

  • mangosmangos

    Invalid code :(

  • Lace

    Neither works… Any updates?

  • Stacy

    Nope. Neither one works.

  • Lori Testy

    Hey Goob, what is up with that bad code?

  • Lori Testy

    Just read that there are blue beads in the toothpaste. Some people on their FB page said they had to go to the dentist to get them removed from under their gums. Maybe we are all better off not getting a sample!

  • Alena Green

    The code doesn’t work ????

  • henny

    The code worked. But that was @ 11:30am. mAYBE they ran out…

  • Ann Saye

    Bad code.

  • Brandon

    Bad code, no work

  • tefimom

    Invalid for me as well

  • KJ16

    Try WXZ8. It worked for me.

  • fernando paredes

    The code WXZ8 that KJ16 posted is valid !!! Thanks KJ16

  • Jen

    WXZ8 worked as of 1:18 Pacific time

  • coco

    I can’t get the code to work either?

  • Britt

    wxz8 WORKED FOR ME AT 7:30 PM

  • Ali

    This worked for me at 8:10. Thank you

  • Stacy

    WXZ8 doesn’t work pacific time :( whyyyy!

  • BCP

    invalid code

  • shamel

    Invalid code ????

  • lhrdst1

    Codes did not work for me.

  • AJB

    Apparently Crest thinks their sample is so special it needs a high-security code to access!

  • Ed

    WXZ8 as the code works great.

  • Ed

    Darn. Volition dot Com also has codes. It’s under the Stuff I Found Forum

  • tefimom

    WXZ8 Didn’t work for me either :(

  • dkline

    J2L6 is the code that worked for me

  • Rabbit7

    You need to type the code, not copy and paste…!

  • onnaf

    J2L6 needs to be in capitol letters

  • Jesse

    Worked for me—capitol letters!