Free Dandruff Shampoo and Suave Lotion

Free Suave Lotion

I don’t know where came from or what shadowy cabal is behind it, but they’ve injected a healthy dose of adrenaline into the freebie world so I’m not questioning anything. Right now I’m seeing free Clear Men’s shampoo and free Suave Skin Solutions body lotion as being offered. If you see other samples on your account, please let me know what they are in the comments!

  • ms_la_tn_grl

    I got 1x Clear Scalp & Hair Total Care Shampoo and 1x South Beach Diet® Chocolate Caramel Nut Snack Bar

  • juststardust

    My first box is: Suave Skin Solutions Smoothing Body Lotion with cocoa butter & shea, and Gevalia K-Cup Caramel Macchiato.

  • Lauren T.

    I already received and reviewed the Suave lotion. It’s… waxy. I tried it twice and tossed the rest. :(

  • Dang, I wish I had yours, haha.

  • martialartafan

    Only one new product, and it’s “out of stock!” Did not see any Suave.

  • Kimberly Eddy

    mine has them &

    Gevalia Mocha Latte OR Caramel Macchiato

    For use in Keurig ® K-Cup ® brewer


    Reviver Freshening Swipe both out of stock

  • Bee lee

    Revived refreshening wipes -out of stock,as usual
    Head and shoulders dandruff shampoo- also out of stock


    Goob, I’m imagining you walking down dark alleys in nyc, having hoarse, whispered conversations with strangers, who then hand off bags of toiletry samples to you. Deny everything. We won’t ask questions.

  • AJB

    Same for me.

  • Margaret

    that so didn’t work, wasn’t even on the page.. sighs.

  • Bronxgirl

    They never have anything – always “out of stock.” I’m tired of trying.

  • nikki

    Right now only the Gevalia K-cups are available.

  • Joe

    I received the same a week ago

  • kel

    I have never received anything from Pinch Me. Has anyone else?

  • markam87

    I’ve gotten at least 3 tubes of Suave lotion, 2 gevalia coffee samples, a facial mask, 2 shampoo samples, revlon nail files, 2 perfume samples, organic soap, and honey bunches of oats sample. I log into my account 5 minutes before 12 pm (when they are available to order) and then refresh at 12:01 pm.