Free Dog Leash and Pedometer

Free Dog Leash Pedometer

Jenny Craig and Purina have teamed up to give away “Power of Two” packs, which include a free dog leash and pedometer. The only problem I see with this is that I now have to start exercising. Think it’ll work if I put the pedometer on my dog and let him run around the house for a bit?

[thanks to Kayleigh for sending this in!]

  • martialartsfan

    You have to “jump through a lot of hoops”, including going to your vet.

  • K

    I clicked register now. and signed up and then it said my pedometer and leash were on its way

  • onna

    i got it.. you just click regiser now or something like that… but did i just sign up for jenny crieg?

  • Ferretlover

    I just signed up and it said I was registered – we’ll see…

  • Jeff

    Just click on the big Register Now tab. You fill out your name and address, and it says you leash and pedometer are on their way. Apparently you don’t have to do the other steps.

  • kikijiji

    Got it! Just clicked ‘register now’

  • Fathima Ibrahim

    Wait…I thought the pedometer WAS for the dog…

  • heyitsmegan

    I signed up for this earlier, but I’m not so sure of this leash because I can’t imagine a FREE leash will be strong enough for walking my big dog. I’m worried if I walk him on it, it may break and he’ll take off running! We shall see the quality of it once it arrives! Hopefully it’s not as flimsy as I’m scared it may be. It’s not like we don’t have a leash for him anyway though. I just hope everyone will make sure their new free leash is strong enough to hold their dogs without breaking first! :)

  • I’ll probably just use mine for transporting like road trips and vet visits!

  • Debbie

    Just clicked the big register button, filled in everything. Nothing about leash or anything else being on its way. Had tabs for finding vet and getting rebate. Really dsappointed.

  • maggiebooks

    you could always donate the leash to a shelter

  • Michelle

    This is what is says on the registration page:

    Jenny Craig disclaimer: Does not include the cost of food or shipping if applicable. No cash value.
    New clients only. Not valid with any other program offer or discounts. Restrictions apply.

  • Michelle

    you may have not sure.

  • Okay so I would LOVE the free dog leash and pedometer, but I don’t see where to sign up or register for it. Please let me know where to go to do this. I keep seeing everyone’s pics of all their free stuff and I really want the same. please Help.

  • jerry

    I have signed up for it and never received it.