Free $1 Donation to

If you have a dummy Facebook account (come on, please tell me you do…) or don’t mind linking apps to your personal account, you should consider donating $1 to for free thanks to 3M. From what I gather, 3M wants to donate $25,000 and so far they’re only at $656. That needs a few more zeros.

Click the yellow “Share A Note” button to like Post-it and share a story about how you use Post-Its to “inspire, encourage, and touch the ones you love.” I hope they like my true story of “one time I spilled cereal and used Post-Its to kindly show my brothers all the pieces they needed to pick up.”

I’m starting to understand why my parents finally got us a dog.

  • Bella Loeb

    could not find the page and the link does not work

  • Carolina

    Actually, their site says they are trying to raise $25,000, NOT $250,000…in any event, a worthy goal. Let’s help them out!

  • Ooops. I can’t read.