Free Donation to Feeding America

Free Donation to Feeding America

Land O’Lakes is currently running a promotion through May 1 where they will donate eight free meals to Feeding America in exchange for every recipe that is repinned from their Pinterest board. Now if only there was a way for them to cook me a meal as well in exchange for some pins. I think I had my 400th peanut butter and jelly sandwich of 2013 last night.

[thanks She Saved!]

  • maggiebooks

    Be careful of this charity. I donated to them prior to Christmas, and by the end of the year I started getting about 3 requests a week from them, and they gave my info to other charities, so every day I got at least one begging letter, most days it was 2-3. Before 2012 was over, I began returning the forms, asking them to remove me from their mailing list. I finally (early March 2013) got something from them with a phone number, which also thanked me for giving them permission to share my info. I immediately called them to advise I HAD NOT given permission to share my info, and ask why they had not removed me from their mailing list. I was told it takes 8 weeks to do that. I advised them it had been 9 weeks. They assured me I would get nothing else. I have received something as recently as the 6th of April. And they shared my info AGAIN.

  • I had the same experience. I will never donate to them again.