Free Dora The Explorer Pampers

EDIT: We Hiffed it!

Vamonos! Let’s all go and get a free Dora the Explorer Pampers kit, which includes:

  • A free sample of Easy Ups Trainers
  • High-value coupons
  • Fun stickers & coloring pages
  • Step-by-step potty training tips
  • Potty Progress Chart
  • Dora or Diego training trophy

I personally want the Diego training trophy for my mantle. I never was good at sports and always ended up with the “Great Participation!” trophies. But hey, I’m potty trained darn it, so in my book I won and deserve a trophy!

  • Debby

    LOL. Hilarious. My kid has every little league trophy including league champs but he doesn’t have a potty trained trophy!!!! I’m signing up for this freebie.

  • mm

    ok my youngest is only a month old but what the hey one day this will come in handy and he’ll already have his first trophy waiting for him

  • Clint

    Out of Stock according to their website…..I wanted the Diego trophy as well…lol

  • april

    this is real i got mine the other day!