Free Dove Samples & Coupons

If you join Dove Dimensions, it says they’ll send you special coupons and freebies. They do have two coupons that you can immediately print upon signing one – one for $1.50 off any 2 Dove Deodorant or Body Mist and another $1.50 coupon for Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion.

I hope this is a sign that Dove is coming out of hibernation and about to blanket us with thousands of freebies. It seems like back in 2008, they were offering a new sample every hour. They’ve only had five so far in 2009! Sure, you might say that’s four more than most other companies, but who do you think you are using math or basic logic against me? Is it really my fault I never passed the second grade?

[via Coupon Cravings – thanks!]

  • Shaynon

    You are right Goob, in 08 they gave away a ton of stuff! I have 11 marked down in my book that i received…so that i like 1 a month!

  • Two Circles In

    Wow Shaynon, you write it down in a book! I should do that so I don’t keep signing up for the same freebies over and over. I’m sure several companies have banned me for signing up umpteen times.

  • Shaynon

    ha ha! I am like the hif secretary..i keep track of all the freebies i sign up for and when they come…i keep track of the coupon train, freebie reviews and the exchange (when we have it)..and also past freebies…lol…its strange i know but i like to be organized!

  • jill

    i am new to the samples thing but i really need to say this site rocks this is to me the far best out of all of them i hope i become a regular sample person .i got my very first sample the other day it was awesome i was like a kid in the candy store lol.

  • Bloom

    Not able to register at this site – ????