Free ECOgrade Photodegradable Bag

Free ECOgrade Photodegradable Bag

EDIT: We totally Hiffed their site. So…dead?

The selling point of this free ECOgrade photodegradable trash bag, other than being free, is supposed to be that it’s biodegradable. I foresee two major problems here. First, what happens to the garbage after the bag degrades? Does it start blowing out of landfills? Call me crazy, but we need our trash to morph into flowers over time as well.

Also what if I want to throw away a pile dirt right now? Will it speed up the degrading process and cause the dirt to get all over my kitchen? No, stop asking why I have mounds of dirt in my house. You’re focusing on the wrong aspect of this scenario.

  • Synaid

    Doesn’t seem to link to anywhere.

  • Sandy

    Can you get us another link?

  • Angela Petersen

    The link must be bio-degradable as well-cause there isn’t one!

  • Me

    i clicked it today 12-23-12 and it says “Samples are not currently available. Please contact us at for more information.”

  • Bettina McQ

    They specify now that they only want to send samples to retailers and you have to email them with your store name, etc. to qualify.