Free Engraved Pet Tag

Free Engraved Pet Tag

Here’s a free engraved pet tag from Purina and Sam’s Club that doesn’t require a membership number. At any rate, it requires a pet, which provides a slightly higher hurdle. Well, I guess you could put these on a kid? Just make sure it’s yours. Trust me, parents hate it whenever I stick freebies on children who “aren’t mine.”

[thanks to Hiffer Amy for posting this on our Facebook page!]

  • AJB

    Looks like it only allows enough space for a name (15 characters). Would like to also include a phone #, otherwise, how can owner be contacted if pet gets lost? Guess the tag could be ordered with just a phone # but would prefer to also have my pet’s name on it!

  • Krissa

    Too funny…I kept getting “verify your pet’s name” when I put in our cat’s name Sassy. So I changed it to our dog, Trapper, and it took it.

  • Chenoa

    No space for contact info. Kind of a waste in my opinion.

  • Deb

    I keep getting “We’re sorry, we can’t accept personal information from children in your age group.” I’m 26

  • Katie Wood

    Said it was expired when I went to it today.

  • sally beech

    All it keeps telling meis to share the pledge with friends

  • juliw

    So, this is where I got this!! It JUST came in the mail today….right pet name, right address…but wrong phone number. Strange thing is….the phone number is “almost” my parents number except the last number is wrong. How did THAT happen?? My parents live in another state, and I haven’t lived there in over 25 years!