Free Engraved Pet Tag

Free Engraved Pet Tag

Here’s a free engraved pet tag from Purina and Sam’s Club that doesn’t require a membership number. At any rate, it requires a pet, which provides a slightly higher hurdle. Well, I guess you could put these on a kid? Just make sure it’s yours. Trust me, parents hate it whenever I stick freebies on children who “aren’t mine.”

[thanks to Hiffer Amy for posting this on our Facebook page!]

  • AJB

    Looks like it only allows enough space for a name (15 characters). Would like to also include a phone #, otherwise, how can owner be contacted if pet gets lost? Guess the tag could be ordered with just a phone # but would prefer to also have my pet’s name on it!

  • Krissa

    Too funny…I kept getting “verify your pet’s name” when I put in our cat’s name Sassy. So I changed it to our dog, Trapper, and it took it.

  • Chenoa

    No space for contact info. Kind of a waste in my opinion.

  • Deb

    I keep getting “We’re sorry, we can’t accept personal information from children in your age group.” I’m 26

  • Katie Wood

    Said it was expired when I went to it today.