Free First Aid Kit

Sometimes when these various hospitals post these free first aid kits (Promo code: KIT), I wonder if they’re going to not allow me to get one because I don’t live in their city. And then, I think that’s a little discriminatory because who knows, maybe I’ll go on vacation to their city and I’d need their hospital, and they’d not have helped me in the first place, so just maybe, I wouldn’t want to use their hospital and I’d rather go somewhere else instead.

Like to a Waffle House. Waffles sound good right about now…

  • Nicole

    What’s the promo code?

  • ferretrodeo

    Asking for a promo code..

  • Sarah

    What’s the promo code? Its required to get this one.

  • Anon

    Need a promo code for it to work

  • Need a promo code, Adam.

  • teresa

    i typed in health—-it said thank you for your submission—-probably only get the newsletter though!!!

  • Veronica

    I just put free for the promo code and it worked!

  • Lisa Collins

    I typed FREE in the promo code field and it accepted it. Worth a shot. :)

  • sean

    The promo code is KIT

  • lisa

    Promo Code is KIT

  • michelle

    I used the promo code ‘firstaid’ and I think it processed

  • butterfly_net2

    Thanks, sean and lisa. KIT seems to work.

  • Scarlett

    Thanks – looking forward to receiving this one.

  • obsessed ob/cc

    #5 and up, the code is right there in Adam’s comment.


    YES Waffles sound good

  • Caroline

    Did anyone else have to laugh at the wording of “Thank you for your submission”?

  • Rachel

    Yes, I had to laugh too. It’s like duh. You’re Welcome. I typed in KIT and it worked just fine.

  • LisaW

    I got the ” thank you for your submission” as well as an email confirmation… hope I actually receive the kit!

  • helen brady

    love it

  • butterfly_net2

    obsessed ob/cc….the post must’ve been revised after #5 and up commented, but thanks for being so obessively thorough in your chastizing.

  • Juliep60

    Hey! My son was born at this hospital! We don’t live there anymore, but maybe they will take that into consideration and send me one anyway.

  • obsessed ob/cc

    #20-Wasn’t chastising,….but you’re welcome. :)

  • butterfly_net2

    just messing wiff ya, #22 :)

  • Corrina

    This would be nice if it actually came. If I’m not mistaken, I believe they had a free first-aid kit deal a while back, which I requested but never got.

  • bp

    Huh, I live about 5 mins from Good Sam, wonder if I will get it.

  • krava

    I am giving this a try. as I can use a new first aid kit. I wonder what is in it and if it has a case you can keep and reuse.

  • butterfly_net2

    #26….don’t put your address on a public forum!! You are supposed to click the link to the site, and THEN type in your mailing address.

  • Maddie

    Thanks so very much. I am so broke being on SSD! I sincerely need this and will be careful and not waste this wonderful free gift.

  • Chris

    I wonder whats on the kit.

  • pamela tanner

    I can always use this , with grandchildren,thank you!

  • Kirsten

    Fine print reads “This information will be used for this giveaway and as part of your entry; and you will receive, via email, an electronic newsletter with the latest news on exercise, fitness, weight management, and other health topics.” Sounds like this may be more of contest than a freebie.