Free Fishing Hook

EDIT: Crudbuckets. They look to be out of samples.

Whew, I thought that long three day weekends off from work are supposed to be relaxing! Not to say I didn’t have fun at my wife’s law convention wearing a fez and my bow tie and quoting Matt Smith for the better part of an hour, but something tells me that I didn’t quite catch on to what the Casablanca theme really was.

Maybe if I had one of these free fishing hooks I would have caught on all hook, line, and sinker…

  • danell

    allready hiffed

  • Karhma

    Yay Doctor Who reference! :)

  • Robin

    You’re quite the character, Adam. Now I know why you and Goob are such great friends : ) You’re like a comedian and your wife an attorney…..I guess opposites do attract!!! LOL : D

  • Edmund

    I like fishing. At least once a month, I and my wife go for fishing.