Free Flu Shots For Unemployed & Uninsured

If you happen to be a victim of the current economic climate and without a job or health insurance, CVS and Walgreens have your back and are offering free flu shots.

Despite press releases saying the shots started this month, CVS is actually giving out free flu shots starting in October. You can call 1-888-FLU-SHOT to find the nearest location and time.

Walgreens has an offer where they are giving away free flu shot vouchers if you visit a Wellness Tour bus between September 17 and November 15. The offer’s a bit limited, however, as the bus tour schedule shows it’s only going to be in 17 states.

  • nikki

    wow, thats wonderful! thanks goob

  • Jessica

    Instead of getting a flu shot, why not focus on your health so that your body has the ability to fight off viruses on its own! Our bodies have the most amazing ability to protect itself from infection and disease as long as we take care of it properly. How so, you might ask. By living a maximized lifestyle via proper nutrition, exercise, nerve flow, mental function (eliminating stress), and the removal of toxins in our bodies. By doing these simple things, our bodies will be able to function and heal at 100%…just the way it was intended to :)

  • nikki

    wow! those are the kind of people that need to be beat.

    it doesnt matter how healthy you are…you need to be immunized, people who dont, are the people who die!

  • Faith

    Actually, I agree with Jessica! Nikki, you do know that by giving you a flu shot, they dive you a flu virus? It is to bost your immunity system by making it fight the virus. If you don’t exercise, eat junk and are stressing out, the immunisation won’t help you 100%. I believe we all should lead health livestyles and we will be healthy. BTW, I don’t take flu shots, and I’m not dying. Actually, I’m pretty healthy.

  • Sophie

    Yeah, a flu shot is not on the same level as a polio shot or a smallpox shot. Really now. Calm down.

  • Diane

    I have never gotten a flu shot and I am healthy, I know lots of people who have and end up getting the flu!! No thanks, I will let my body take care of its own self and besides that, I am not in any high risk groups, save it for those people.

  • Susie

    Just another point here….there are people who are high risk for the flu even if they do all of the things you mention. I am a pediatric nurse, and this year, we are required to get these shots unless we get a doctors note saying why we should not have it, and then only certain excuses will excepted. If you we don’t get this shot this year, we can lose our jobs……when the swine flu vaccine comes out, the same rules apply…there are big concerns this year about the flu. It has never been mandatory for us before only highly recommended for us as health care workers. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth.

  • Sarah B

    Jessica and Faith you have to be very careful. You are not Drs so do not gie advice and plus to live in Jessica’s world you have to move to an island. How can you have a life with no stress in the US???

  • Stephanie

    I think there are many arguments for and many arguments against getting a flu shot. The bottom line is that every person has the right to make their own decision for themselves and their children and I don’t think a website about freebies is the place for a “you shouldn’t do that” session. It’s not something that could harm other people by you getting a flu shot so lets leave it up to the people who choose to get one to decide for themselves :)

  • micee

    I agree with Stephanie….It all depends on the person themselves-you are the one who HAS to make the decision about your health and body. Thank you Goob for passing this information. I will be shouting this out to all the people that I know who may(or may not) need this great service. Thank you

  • nikki

    yes, nobody needs to be giving medical advice on here! its not the place

  • Jessica

    Sarah B., I’m actually working on my doctorate degree and vaccinations are a big controversy in healthcare right now. I do agree with Stephanie and Micee. I’m just putting the information out there for people to have the knowledge to make better decisions for themselves and their loved ones. I am by no way telling anyone to not get vaccinated. If you think that’s best, then go for it. However, you should do some research about the vaccines and medications being offered before you put those chemicals into your body. We should treat our bodies from an inside-out approach FIRST, and then rely of medicine as a last resort.

  • nikki

    are you becoming a chiropractor?

  • Jessica

    a DO

  • nikki

    aaah, now i see!

  • Jessica

    Now you see what? There are many doctors (MDs, DOs, DCs) that support this as well. For instance, Dr Mayer Eisenstein MD. Since 1973 the Homefirst® doctors have delivered over 15,000 babies at home, given vaccine choice to over 35,000 children, served over 75,000 parents, children and now grandparents. They apply the principles of minimal pharmaceuticals to adult medicine with emphasis on Natural substitutes to control chronic illnesses such as: high blood pressure, high Cholesterol, muscle and joint pain, IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome, GERD, heartburn, acid reflux and other medical conditions. The Homefirst® doctors promote an integrative evidence based approach to managing illness. I’m not going to argue the topic anymore because I’m not here to change people’s opinions, just to provide information. Here’s the website if you want to become educated on the subject:

  • sharon

    i cant have the flue shot i am Allergic to it, but this is a great offer, if only the had a substitute for it.

  • Jim

    The only comment I’d like to make is that these may be advertised as “free” but you know someone is paying for this. It’s called subsidizing. Those who can afford the shots are paying for those “free” shots. One of the very items that the President addressed in his speech last night.

  • nikki

    jim…….very good point! just like we pay for all those peoples wellfair and foodstamps, who sit on their a** and dont work

  • nikki

    sharon, the best thing you can do is wash, wash , wash your hands!

  • Goob

    Somebody is paying for this: CVS and Walgreens.

  • chris

    if you like squalene and mercury-take the shots. do some research on these vaccines…ever wonder why there are so many autistic kids? I never heard of autism until a few years ago. My neigbor has 4 autisic kids!.

  • Zoe

    Something you people seem to forget is that this is geared towards the uninsured and/or unemployed. Most unemployed/uninsured have a limited income. This makes it harder, although not impossible, to eat a healthy diet for many reasons,. It also is difficult to keep stress down when you have those concerns. A free flu shot is one good way to help stay healthy. Taking good care of yourself is important, but it’s not the cheapest way to go. Sometimes the cheapest way is the only way. Don’t criticize until you’ve been there.

  • chris

    also there is nothing”free”. we pay for through higher costs in products and taxes

  • Amy

    Mercury has been banned in vaccines for over 10 years now, and the autism rates aren’t going down. There have been literally dozens of studies done on vaccines and autism, and none of them have found a link. And besides, the vaccine in question for the link to autism is MMR.
    Please don’t dismiss the importance of vaccination because of unproven speculation.
    Hand washing, being careful, and good nutrition are all valuable steps to avoiding the flu. I’m a nurse, and I don’t think everyone needs a flu shot. But for those of us who are at a high risk of exposure, it’s a good idea. It’s a decision for everyone to make on their own, and please don’t give any creedence to the vaccines and autism thing because there has been nothing found that links the two.

  • Joss

    Hey, I’ll take free health care where I can get it, being uninsured sucks. As for naysayers, if you get sick then its on you. Secondly, everyone who likes to say oh these innoculations are terrible for you- Well, I like that I haven’t/won’t get the Mumps, Measles, Meningitis, Certain forms of Hepatitis and so on. I have gotten the flu shot the last two years and have yet to get the flu, not to be confused with the common cold. And to all the conspiracy theorists- grow up! Yes Walgreens and CVS are going to advertise this as excellent PR for themselves, thats the way the world works sweetpea! If they wanna buy my loyalty, they can keep trying!lol Thats how we get our freebies duh!

  • nikki

    amen to that!

  • CaptDisgruntled

    Despite my best efforts, I am prone to bronchitis, so I’ve gotten a flu shot the past two years. They’re available many places; I got mine at a Safeway pharmacy, where it was $30. When I called a Giant grocery, the pharmacy clerk told me that starting tomorrow, Friday, 11 Sept., they’re offering flu shots for $20 instead of the usual $30.
    I have insurance, but my insurance doesn’t cover this.

  • Pamela

    Wow…..that’s about all I can say. People do have the RIGHT to get these shots if they decide to. I’ve been getting them for YEARS b/c my son had asthma and we were told to protect HIS health it was better than the risk of him being in the hospital. I’ve had the “real” flu maybe 2 times in 12 years. Everyone knows they DO NOT give you a live virus. If you get sick from the shot, then you must be allergic to it. I’m thankful that while I do have a job and only have to pay $8 for my shot, this service is avail for those who can’t afford the normal $30 or whatever they are charged at their healthcare facility. Let’s all calm down and be VERY thankful to Goob for letting us know about this. :) Peace out!

  • Buck

    Well, I was gonna get a flu shot, but now I’m too frightened. I guess the only intelligent, reasonable, sensible, and well-thought out thing to do is: go up to the hills and live in a cave till flu season is over. Anybody who comes along, I’ll throw rocks at them while growling like a bear!

  • Joy

    I am high risk and get a flu shot yearly so thanks Goob. Most HIFERs are sharp folks who do their homework and know their own bodies and it’s needs so I’m not much for others getting on here and spouting their wisdom wanting others to follow them.

  • Michelle

    just because someone is unemployed doesn’t mean their worthless and on welfare. Considering how bad the economy is tons of people have been laid off their jobs and are currently unemployed.

  • Jackie

    Sorry, everybody, but Jessica above is spot on!
    Before you or your family take the *swine flu shot,* I challenge you to
    do some research on it first. The web is full of information on its ingredients, etc. Some of the info you find may shock you!
    We won’t be taking ANY vaccines this year, or probably hereafter.

  • Mark Hammond

    I called the 888flushot number listed in the ad stating that CVS was giving free flu shots to the unemployed, and was given the address, telephone number and date of the flu shot at the CVS in my area. When I spoke to the CVS pharmacy at the CVS I was given to find out what documentation I had to bring if any for the free flu shot, they said the flu shots weren’t free to their knowledge, no flu shots were scheduled to be given on the day the recording gave me, for that particular CVS. They said that one shouldn’t always believe what one hears or reads. It’s sad that over the years pharmacies such as Rite-Aid and Savon closed stores where as CVS didn’t, in my opinion. I guess even CVS will take advantage of the unemployed.

  • Stephanie

    Guys, there is NO swine flu vaccine yet. They are still testing them. They really don’t expect it to be available until probably December. The only flu shot that is currently available is the “regular” flu shot. Please keep this in mind because I am sure that doctors offices are being bombarded by enough questions about the swine flu vaccine.

  • Goob

    @Chris, then simply don’t shop at CVS or Walgreens. Problem solved, now you’re not paying for anything. I, meanwhile, will happily keep shopping with them while knowing that they’re helping out some people in need.

    @Mark, I’d call CVS’ corporate toll-free number and pass your story along to them. I’m sure they’d be interested to hear that a local CVS is bucking their own policy that they issued in a press release!

    @Everybody Else, thank you.

    When I saw the number of comments + the way things were going at the start, I fully expected to have a derailed thread and a few temporary bannings to pass out. Yet 35 comments into and we’ve got a levelheaded discussion going on.

    Y’all rock.

  • Kristina

    I have never gotten the flu shot and I am very healthy. Nor will I ever get it, but thanks anyways.

  • Lynn

    To #29 Pamela, actually IT IS a live virus in the shot. This is per the doctors office. Also there is mecury and other chemicals in the shot.
    Any nurses or doctors want to comment on this for me?

  • Just my 2 cents

    I found this on the CDC’s website, for what it’s worth:

    The “flu shot” — an inactivated vaccine (containing killed virus) that is given with a needle, usually in the arm. The flu shot is approved for use in people older than 6 months, including healthy people and people with chronic medical conditions.

    The nasal-spray flu vaccine — a vaccine made with live, weakened flu viruses that do not cause the flu (sometimes called LAIV for “live attenuated influenza vaccine” or FluMist®). LAIV (FluMist®) is approved for use in healthy* people 2-49 years of age who are not pregnant.

    It would appear the shot does not have the live virus, but the nasal spray has a weakened form of the live virus.

    As for mercury in vaccines, this is from the NNII: Thimerosal is a compound that is 49.6% mercury by weight. Although it is not used in all vaccines (for example, it is not used in measles-mumps-rubella or chickenpox vaccines), it has been part of the manufacture of many vaccines since the 1930s.

    I think it is great that HIF posted the info about the flu shot for people who want to get it, but perhaps can’t afford it. I also think it is a slippery slope we encounter when people start posting their personal opinions regarding medical issues on a website for freebies. But like I said, this is just my two cents, which probably isn’t worth much!!

  • nikki

    goob your awsome.

  • nikki

    and hott….lol

  • Lynn

    Thank you “my two cents”. I was actually just looking it up myself. I was going to post that I got the shot, which contains the killed virus, mixed up with the nasel spray, which does contain the live virus.

  • Becky

    We’re getting close to the record of comments!

    I’ve gotten the flu shot every year and have never had the flu. We’ll keep on getting them in my family…

  • Jim

    Goob, I’d agree with you when you say that CVS & Walgreens is paying for this if I actually read from either one, saying that “we are paying for this out of our profits”.

  • HRu

    Thanks, Goob, for your post; I forwarded it to an unemployed family member and hope he’s got the sense to take advantage of this freebie.

    As for the rest of you and your agenda-oriented comments, I did not bargain for such reading – thank you for hurting my eyes. I would like my refund now, or alternatively, a vaccine to erase all that I have just read.

  • Jay

    Share this with as many people as you can, you never know who you might be able to help out.

  • Linda


  • Mysti Distance

    Goob…I had the same problem with CVS as Mark…I live in Western Kentucky…called the line gave me a date and connected me to the store…I was transfered around and finally a Pharmaciest came on the line…told they had received any thing on this in any way…she doubted very seriously CVS would ever give out “free shots” to anyone unless an natural disaster had accured in the area and suggested I call the hospitals to tell them my story of woo.

    Finally, I am unemployed I was laid off 4 months ago…I just wrote a whole paragraph trying to let you all understand how lower then low I feel right now, but i erased it…I can’t completely support myself on a 7.50 or 8.00 job and I can’t even get an interview anywhere else…and I try every day…all I can do is cry right now and tell you all I am sorry I don’t want to be in this place, believe I don’t. I will keep trying and please remember that everyone has some kind of private battle they are going through and yes sometimes your opinion hurts.

  • cynthia pullin

    Were do i go to get a free flu shot. I went to our local CVS and the pharmiciest said they didn’t give free flu shots????????????

  • Becca

    They LIED! You must get a voucher from another company AND be a card carrying member of the damn clinic to get it free. Plus, the smart ass young man in their customer relations department told me to get a job. NOT Happy!

  • http://heyit'sfree Carrie

    I called the toll free # for CVS, which transfered me to a local CVS, the person told me she knew nothing about free flu shots. I asked to speak to her manger and he knew nothing about them but told me he would call the main office to find out. He asked if I could call back in an hour, I did so. He said the shots were starting in Oct. but the finishing touches were not finished yet but if I could call back the first of next week he would have all the info. He was very helpful in the situation.He was just surprised that the public knew about this campain before the phar. tecks did. If you have called your local CVS and they knew nothing about this have them to call the main office or call the end of the month when they will know.

  • http://heyit'sfree Carrie

    CVS told me all I had to do was print out a statement of my unemployment earnings on line.