Free Folgers Fresh Breaks Coffee

Free Folgers Fresh Breaks Coffee

I wrote an entire post under the misassumption these free Folgers Fresh Breaks coffee were “Folgers Fresh Bakes.” I was all excited about getting my first coffee cake freebie in over seven years only to have reality slap me in the face.

I clearly need more Folgers.

  • Jen

    gave me an error. doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Cruiser3

    Finally got to fill out the form. Now it won’t submit.

  • horrorfan

    Can’t get it to submit either.

  • Tabby

    Keeps giving me an error message

  • Mine went through-at a snails pace-but it went through!

  • Cruiser3

    I tried again. Went through quick. Thanks!

  • Barbara

    Worked fine for me