Free Gas-X Thin Strips

Somebody help me here. Haven’t we already posted these free Gas-X thin strips in the past? I can’t find them in the archives, but I’m almost positive I’ve made a “hey, doesn’t Novartis sound a little like ‘no farts?'” joke before.

There’s also a $1/1 coupon on their main site.

[thanks Gretchen!]

  • Rory

    I want to meet the person born in 1897 that is using the internet and requesting freebies!

  • jenny

    8-10 weeks? how can they expect someone born in 1897 to be able to wait 8-10 weeks for gas relief? so cruel…

  • Dr Johnson

    yay no farts when I go on a date with my patient’s daughters ;)

  • Trish

    “You must be 18 or older to participate in this sample offer.” And yet the most recent year of birth you can enter from the drop-down box is 1989, meaning you have to be at least 21.