Free Gillette Samples

Free Gillette Samples

Hey-oh! Guys, finally, a freebie just for us! There’s a Facebook offer of free Gillette samples that promises to help us look great. As if we needed help.

They don’t say what the samples will be and when you submit the form the confirmation text is black, so you probably won’t see it.

EDIT: The first link changed. Try this one now.

EDIT #2: Well, that link died too. I’ll keep checking to see if this comes back.

  • couldn’t find any freebies on their facebook page – I used the link :-(

  • no can find

  • no offer I can see

  • Goob, you spreading rumors? LOL

  • Maybe its over. I was able to sign up for my husband. But now I dont see it.

  • got it. It is a blank (white) option on their page.

  • lisa

    go to the tab that just has the dot. :)

  • shatha69

    just got it. other posters are correct, i used the arrow option on the section for their pages (starts out photos, drafted, video reviews), go to the blank white one labelled “.” yep, its just a period. cant really read the stuff on it, just fill in as usual and should send you to a new page pretty fast (no visible confirmation on it, either.)

  • Guys, that dot page looks like a test page. There’s absolutely nothing on there mentioning freebies. It’s a newsletter sign up.

  • Ashleigh Wheeler

    Lisa’s right! That worked! Except when i went to view all tabs, it was a white box.

  • canada49

    It is the . that works, just takes a minute for the page to load, be patient, I just signed up as well.

  • The new link worked, I guess. You first have to like the page, and then fill out your info. You’ll get a black screen, and if you try to select the blackness, you will see some words appear that say you were successful.

  • mangosmangos

    Offer has disappeared. Tried both links.

  • none of mine have a dot and neither one will open. :(

  • Patrice

    Where is the link to get the razor.

  • Tefimom

    Gillette posted on their facebook page at some point last night that they were testing a platform for a future giveaway, there is no actual giveaway. I will see if I can find their post for verification

  • Tefimom

    You can see here, that there is no freebie, they were apparently testing their FB page or something like that :(

  • Friends, we mistakenly allowed a test Giveaway Tab to go live yesterday. We’ve since removed the tab and cleared out all personal data that was entered. While there are no samples or prizes available at this time, we will continue to share updates for giveaways with our fans. We sincerely apologize for any confusion and frustration this may have caused.