Free Good Doer Wristband

Free Good Doer Wristband

I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to sign up for a free Good Doer wristband if they don’t have one that reads “Goofball?” They’ll ask you five simple questions, let you know what type of person you are, then you enter your email and they’ll send a link to request the bracelet. Mine took almost a day to arrive, which is why I’m only now posting this.

I got Mover & Shaker. What’d you get?!

  • idealist

  • Kathy C.

    idealist…and yet I disagree. lol

  • Tabby


  • Amber Hatch-Yanez

    Mover & shaker

  • JLee


  • Ashley Neumann


  • Breenah

    Peacemaker, not what I was expecting, but I’ll take it.

  • Cruiser3

    Planet Saver.

  • Grouch

    Wouldn’t it be disingenuous to choose “Planet Saver” and thus encourage them to create yet another item out of plastic that won’t disintegrate for thousands of years? Where’s the one for Disillusioned Realists?

  • Ms.Altina

    I got Dreamer!

  • Beth

    I figured I would get either peacemaker or idealist but I got planet saver.

  • I’m a dreamer! They aren’t far off!

  • Idealist….LOL

  • tori729

    I think I should have gotten “I hate these type of quizzes.” Instead I got Idealist.

  • You know, I requested this nearly a week ago, now that I remember it… I still haven’t gotten an email. Perhaps I should try again.

  • larry

    I got planet saver. They asked for my address info and it will b here in 14 days. It said nothing about sending an email.

  • Ja’Quee

    I originally got plant saver and I wasn’t happy with that, so I redid it before I submitted my info and I got dreamer! happy now!

  • tess

    I’m an explorer…any others out there???

  • Jess

    I got Dreamer, then did it again with a different email and got Explorer. Am happy with both of those, lets see what they actually send me!

  • JoAnn

    Got Idealist!

  • Sarah

    Mover and Shaker!

  • Idealist and dreamer here. both of them are very suiting for me.

  • Peacemaker

  • onna

    i got mover and shaker but i wanted idealist soo i redid it over and over…. im not an idealist at all apparently.

  • graydog

    Peacemaker, I really am one. lol If you click on pictures that don’t have people in them and take a note book to a desert island there you go, peacemaker. Me I just don’t like people, or well being near people.

  • Jessica Rose

    Turns out I’m a peacemaker!

  • Peacemaker

  • deepak

    i got mover and shaker

  • Steph

    I did everything it said to do, to get the bracelet.. It kinda confused me at the end when it had me like the page on FB & follow on twitter, because after I did so it never said that I would be sent my bracelet.. So I wanna know did everyone get their’s?

  • debbie

    Iv’e done this one several times and never get it in the mail!! Jus sayin.

  • Dionna

    Mine came it the mail I was very pleased :) just follow the steps and you will get one

  • Freud T. PolynĂ©


  • onlypink31

    Idealist, I had a pretty good idea that I’d get that one.

  • Kitty

    that happened to me also

  • Quill The Poet

    It says please allow 40 business days. I don’t even know how this will work. I went through the steps and got to the Like, Follow, Share and +1 and I never got to this “link to request a bracelet” so I don’t know if it will work at all.

  • Terena Crimm

    I followed every step. It did no bring me to anything after I followed them, so I exited out, hopefully I will get one. I’m an idealest:):)