Free Honk Suppressor

Free Honk Suppressor

What the fu…

I love that I can still become speechless after discovering a new freebie like this free 76 Honk Suppressor. I’ll let the video below do all the talking for me.

  • HoneybooboosmomJune

    This is awesome! Lol

  • Notes About Me

    This is so hilarious! I’m getting one for the honkaholic in my life.

  • voodoochick05

    Ok 1) that’s pretty funny 2) I find myself wanting one….partially because it’s free. 3) More crap with no use sitting around my house. Blah.

  • anon

    Don’t forget to play the Honkaholic game on the website. It is hilarious.

  • AJB

    That’s a rather creative gas station marketing campaign. Of course, I had to get one for my hubby who isn’t in the same Zen state as me :)

  • AJB

    At least this can go in the car — and be more crap sitting around the car!

  • Cruiser3

    Ordered 3 of these. Is there no limit?

  • Holly Landry

    Does laughing out loud like a maniac count as speechless? Because if so, I was rendered unable to speak by this video as well hahaha

  • glommer

    Just got my confirmation. It took 20 minutes for whole process. You do have to be a member ov vocalpoint

  • Rachel Hladik

    cant get one in oklahoma :( boo

  • Wondering

    Has anyone received one of these yet? Ordered over a month ago.