Free Hot Chocolate Samples

Just last week I could have sworn that I stepped outside in my down filled jacket and about three other layers, smiling into the 12 degree weather and now this morning? I sit here in a t-shirt, with only one jacket nearby, and my computer telling me its a beautiful 51 degress outside.

Despite this sudden betrayal of the groundhog and this fake spring, I hope that when these 4 free sachets of Malcolm’s Hot Cocoa actually arrive? That its once again cold. Then again, the first day that I had to scrape ice off my windshield, my coworkers were glaring evilly at my maniacal laughter…

[via the forums]

  • tammyverton

    Hmmm.. after I filled out the details and hit get sample. The page just popped up again with no confirmation that info was sent. I hope I still get the Sample, as its supposed to snow here today=)

  • That’s what it did for me too, Tammy, but I think it did take it. :)

  • Alexandra

    Sounds good!! Thanks!! :D

  • Peggy

    What did you put in the space where they ask for the store you purchased from?

  • Peggy: I tried to cheat by picking a location from their own website, but that page is curiously “down”. So, I said I received some as a gift.

  • jan

    Peggy: I just said someone brought samples to work. I cheated!!

  • Alexandra

    I said I received mine in my Chrismas stocking. My nose may have gotten a little bigger, but I’ll have some free hot chocolate samples. :)

  • Eva

    I left that blank, but I was sure to indicate that yes, I liked their hot chocolate. (Would I be requesting samples if I hadn’t liked it the first time?)

    I think it’s funny that we all become liars in the quest of free stuff. :)

  • It’ll probably be 80 degrees by the time I get these, but what the heck :)

  • surfgirl

    it said only available in canada what the hey?

  • i love hot chocolate

  • I think this really sweet. . . Still want to try it.


  • Amy Sams

    I Love Hot Chocolate