Free House Party Opportunities for August 2013

Host a Houseparty, Get Free Stuff

Do you have friends? Do you like free stuff? Do you mind sharing your free stuff with your friends? Then you should be signing up for every free House Party opportunity under the sun!

There are currently only five parties accepting invites with another seven opening soon.

BeyBlade Battle Bash House Party

  • Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set (includes 2 figures)
  • BeyWarrior Shogun Figures
  • Basic stadium
  • Beyblade coupons
  • Codes that unlock additional content on

Bitty Baby House Party

  • Bitty Baby Doll Set
  • Additional picture story book, doll outfit and plush animal
  • Bitty Baby coloring sheets, puzzles, wishing stars and more for your guests
  • Tip sheets for moms
  • And more!

B-Daman Battle Master House Party

  • Break Bomber Battlefield Stadium (includes 2 figures)
  • B-Daman Basic Figures
  • B-Daman Vertigo Spin Arena or Surge Strike Arena
  • Coupon for FREE marble refills
  • B-Daman code cards that unlock additional content on
  • And more!

DISH Hopper House Party House Party

  • “Minute to Win It” games
  • Branded stopwatch
  • Stuffed Hopper plush
  • DISH guest offer
  • Temporary tattoos
  • And more!

Butterball Turketarian House Party (restricted to certain states)

  • Butterball Cookbook
  • Plush turkey hat
  • Butterball apron
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Footballs
  • …and more!

If nothing else, I reeeeeeeeeeealy want that plush turkey hat!

  • ???

    Any tips on getting into one of these “parties”?

  • Abby Schiera

    I was part of them for 6 months and applied for every single “party” and never got one. I finally gave up and then had to fight them to get my account deleted. So not worth all the hassle. :(

  • Bort

    I’ve been a HouseParty member for almost 1 year. There are a lot of members and not a lot of spots for these parties. However, when you get one, the freebie excitement begins! I’ve been picked for 2 parties, one right after I joined and one a couple months ago. The first was a Planters PB party…I got several jars of peanut butter and some Planters swag like water bottles, PB spreaders, an awesome plastic PB Doug costume and a peanut butter trophy, which I never figured out what sort of prize that was for, so it sits on my desk and stares at me…lol. The second party I was picked for was a SodaStream party…I got a SodaStream Source machine starter kit plus a bunch of flavors and other fun things like plastic visors, a beach ball and water balloons! I’ve checked the price of the machine at Walmart, and they sell for $129! So I think I got a pretty good freebie with that party!

  • Brenda

    This seems interesting. I signed up… I’ll see I guess. :P

  • Beamis and Bunghole

    I signed up for the freebies so they’re ALL MINE!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!