Free Johnny Rockets Milkshake

Free Johnny Rockets Milkshake

Johnny Rockets emailed me this on Sept. 11

You are currently hosting a Johnny Rockets coupon on your website for a free classic shake with no purchase necessary expiration September 30, 2015. This coupon needs to be taken down immediately.

This coupon in this form was created by someone other than Johnny Rockets and is been being used inappropriately and without permission to use our trademark and name and likeness.

So basically they’re saying “we made a coupon, put it on our site, then didn’t like it so now we’re pretending somebody else made it.” Smooooooth.

September is National Shake Month (of course it is), so Johnny Rockets is offering a coupon for one free milkshake valid through the month of September. This is a tad more conventional compared to previous years offers, where you had to say “yummy” in the store to get your shake.

I’ll actually miss those days. For fun, my friends and I would concoct some goofy story as a cover to say yummy repeatedly then act shocked when handed a milkshake. It’s these sorts of activities that keep me sane!

  • Joe

    I’ll have to take the bus to Hicksville NY for this one.

  • Nemo

    Anybody else annoyed that they don’t list their participating locations by state? Google JR, with your state, and you’ll find a page that works. Except, they have this feature that tells you which store in your state is open and which is closed right now, indicated by a red or green button next to it. All the buttons for PA are…blue. Which means what? We’re Democrats? OK.

  • Evanie

    Is it all day

  • Kimchi R

    The little story, the goofy one, that was yummy!

  • Alison Blythe Mueller

    The link doesn’t work an
    ymore! Can we print the image that you posted?

  • Try this link instead:

    I would suspect they won’t honor it toooo much longer since they took it down though.

  • Amanda