Free Johnny Rockets Milkshake

Free Johnny Rockets Milkshake

September is National Shake Month (of course it is), so Johnny Rockets will give away free milkshakes on Monday, September 9 to anybody who says “yummy” when ordering.

If you really want to have some fun, go with a friend and concoct some goofy story as a cover to say yummy out loud repeatedly then act shocked when they hand you a shake.

Yeah, these are the methods I use to stay sane during the day.

  • Joe

    I’ll have to take the bus to Hicksville NY for this one.

  • Nemo

    Anybody else annoyed that they don’t list their participating locations by state? Google JR, with your state, and you’ll find a page that works. Except, they have this feature that tells you which store in your state is open and which is closed right now, indicated by a red or green button next to it. All the buttons for PA are…blue. Which means what? We’re Democrats? OK.

  • Evanie

    Is it all day